Headlines — 4/29/16

Breitbart spews propaganda for the Alt-Right, a racist Trump fan was arrested after threatening the president, conspiracy theorists claim Beyonce is on the CIA payroll, and more.

Hatewatch – Is Breitbart.com becoming the media arm of the “Alt-Right”?
Raw Story – Omaha man convicted after failing to convince judge that burning gay pride flag isn’t anti-gay.
The Daily Dot – Donald Trump forced to jump barrier to evade protesters in California.
Huffington Post – Racist Trump fan arrested with stockpile of pipe bombs after threatening Obama.
Haaretz – Anti-Semitic vitriol bombards journalist who profiled Melania Trump.
Cosmopolitan – New report raises questions about how this anti-abortion organization collected almost a half a million dollars.
Broadly – Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ was funded by the CIA, reasonable conspiracy theorists say.
Washington Post – First it was Trump; now Brits want to ban French far right leader Marine Le Pen.