Headlines — 4/22/16


Prince’s history of progressive politics, an Irish historian debunks white supremacists’ favorite online meme, Andrew Jackson’s descendant blames “political correctness” for putting Harriet Tubman on the twenty, and more.

AlterNet – Here are the times Prince blasted Wall Street, Freddie Gray’s death, ‘enslavement’ to Warner Bros and the corrupt status quo.
Raw Story – Clemson student threatens to lynch black classmates.
Hatewatch – How the myth of the “Irish slaves” became a favorite meme of racists online.
Think Progress – The truth about how Sean Hannity covers Donald Trump.
Right Wing Watch – David Horowitz says we should thank “white Christian males” for ending slavery.
Talking Points Memo – South Carolina sheriff says the NAACP is a “racist group” just like the KKK.
Salon – Maine’s Paul LePage vetoes lifesaving heroin overdose antidote bill.
The Daily Beast – Andrew Jackson VI blames “political correctness” for the dumping of his ancestor from the $20 bill.