Helmuth Nyborg: White Europeans Have Higher IQs Than Arabs or Africans

On an April 17, 2016 broadcast of Freedomain Radio, Stefan Molyneux interviewed Danish psychologist Helmuth Nyborg about the relationship between race, sex, and intelligence — a favorite subject of Molyneux’s.

Nyborg’s controversial views include the belief that, on average, white Europeans are more intelligent and inclined toward altruistic behavior than Africans or Middle Easterners, and that the low average IQ of people in those regions accounts for their apparent inability to form functioning democracies.

It should probably be noted that Nyborg had been reprimanded over his work during his time at the University of Aarhus, accused of plagiarism (a charge that was overturned last month) by the Danish Council for Scientific Misconduct in 2013, and spoke at a 2011 conference hosted by the far-right Danish Society for Historical Research — alongside the likes of Kevin MacDonald and David Duke.

Nyborg condemned as misguided attempts by Western nations to improve the quality of life in Third World countries. Of the disastrous effort by the U.S. to foist democracy upon Iraqi citizens, Nyborg said “you cannot introduce democracy into a country with an average IQ below 90.”

Molyneux steered the conversation toward the subject of “IQ and fertility” — a subject that Nyborg has written about in he past. “There does seem to be, um, an inverse relationship between IQ and fertility,” Molyneux said.

“The higher the IQ the lower the fertility, and vice versa. And if it is the case that people from the Middle East who come from a lower IQ, maybe a standard deviation or so lower IQ than native Danes or native Europeans as a whole, if they’re going to come into European societies and they’re going to have higher fertility than Danes, it seems to me that there is an inevitable mathematical displacement that is going to occur, absent further intervention.”

Nyborg agreed, reminding Molyneux of a 2012 paper he wrote that predicted a decline in Danish IQs from 97.33 to 92 by the year 2075. “Of course, prognoses of that range are always risky business,” he admitted, “but it means that IQ will go down by several points. It will reach in Denmark, around 2100, the limit of 90 — and that will be the point where democracy begins to falter in Denmark.”

Nyborg pointed out that President Kennedy referred to the United States as a “nation of immigrants,” but noted that those immigrants were “European immigrants” who brought their IQs “of 100 or so” with them.

“And now [the] United States has an influx of Mexicans with a slightly less IQ that will, arithmetically speaking, lower the American IQ. And that will harm their productivity,” he added.

Finally the pair moved onto the subject of gender and IQ because, in Molyneux’s words, he doesn’t “want to leave any group unoffended.” Nyborg claimed to have studied the subject extensively, and concluded that there were more low IQ men than low IQ women, but also more high IQ men than high IQ women.

This, he said, “might explain the rarity of females earning Nobel Prizes and Field Medals [sic] in mathematics and so on.”