Headlines — 4/15/16


Men’s rights activist claims Swedish men will have to “hunt down” migrants, Bill O’Reilly says blacks are poorly educated, BYU is accused of punishing rape victims, and more.

We Hunted the Mammoth – Andrea “JudgyBitch”Hardie says Swedish men “will have to hunt down every migrant.”
Slate – New York Post endorses Donald Trump.
Media Matters – O’Reilly tells Trump blacks are “ill-educated and have tattoos on their forehead.”
Think Progress – Brigham Young students accuse university of punishing rape victims for reporting.
Hatewatch – Skinhead killer confesses to 23 charges in 2015 Arizona shooting spree.
Washington Post – Meet the radical anti-Islam conspiracy theorists advising Ted Cruz.
The Atlantic – The suicide emergency among Canada’s First Nations.
Jacobin – The myth of the progressive capitalist.
The Root – How the race card was played against Anita Hill.
CounterPunch – Why Bill Clinton is full of shit.