Conspiracy Theorists Accuse Ted Cruz of Being a Crossdresser

Wayne Madsen

In an April 5, 2016 interview for Alex Jones’ eponymous online show, InfoWars correspondent Wayne Madsen discussed the controversy over a lawyer’s unsuccessful request to unseal documents belonging to the late “D.C. Madam” Deborah Jeane Palfrey.

In 2007, the identities of some high profile clients were made public, but a court order prevented the release of the her phone records. Palfrey’s former lawyer, Montgomery Blair Sibley, sought to unseal the documents which he deemed “relevant to the 2016 presidential election,” but was rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Madsen, who claims to have been close to Palfrey, insists that Sibley is correct, and that the D.C. Madam (whose 2008 death was ruled a suicide) was actually murdered because something about the CIA. I don’t know, it’s all pretty dumb, and Madsen is the type of guy who helped fuel rumors that President Obama is not only secretly gay, but was also born in Kenya.

And that’s what makes this next part completely unsurprising. After mentioning various other madams over the past several decades who “dealt in heterosexual and homosexual hook-ups,” Madsen alleged that he once asked Palfrey if she only employed women or if she employed “call boys” as well. Supposedly, Palfrey said she only hired women.

At this point Alex Jones jumped in, asking, “So she wasn’t tied into Barney Frank and his, his call boy…under…underage boys?” Madsen answered in the affirmative, and went onto say that “of the five presidential candidates, the viable ones now, that would certainly eliminate Hillary Clinton,” although he knows the former Secretary of State “has gone both ways” in the past.

Yes, Madsen is accusing  Hillary Clinton of being secretly bisexual, a charge which Jones was all too eager to accept as factual. “In other words, she’ll be with men for power but she likes the girls?” he asked. “Yeah, yeah, I mean, we know about her and Vince Foster, but now I think it’s her and Huma Abedin,” Madsen replied.

And just to add some misogyny to the already repulsive gay-baiting, Jones quickly added that Hillary Clinton “doesn’t even have good taste in women,” and that her alleged girlfriends “look like Salacious Crumb” — the monkey-lizard creature from Star Wars.

The pair of conspiratorial dolts were far from over, though. Madsen accused his next target, GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, of having been a cross-dressing peeping Tom back in college. (He also took a cheap shot at Heidi Cruz for, supposedly, having “suffered a nervous breakdown” at some point. Madsen acknowledges that this isn’t something to be joked about, but one wonders why he brought it up in the first place if not to insult her.)

“Two independent sources,” you see, informed Madsen that at Princeton Ted Cruz was “known as a person who would dress up in women’s clothes, sneak into the sorority houses, and…spy on women in various states of undress.” “Wow, wow, pervert,” Jones muttered.

Let’s get one thing straight: Ted Cruz is a loathsome individual, and it’s safe to say many of his fellow Republicans would rather contract the bubonic plague than endorse him for president. He’s called colleagues liars on the Senate floor, hangs out with professional homophobes, and forced fellow Senators to listen to his rendition of Green Eggs and Ham.

You can’t lie about him though, and the persistent gay-baiting is despicable no matter how you slice it. This should serve as a reminder, as if anyone needed one, that what Alex Jones and his lackeys do is not even close to journalism.