FLASHBACK: Donald Templer: Misfortunes of Black Americans are Caused by Their Own ‘Low Intelligence’

Donald Templer

It’s Throwback Thursday, which means a look back at crazy, stupid, or just plain bizarre incidents involving white nationalists and the Alt-Right. Today’s look back features Donald Templer, a now retired professor of psychology at Alliant International University. Templer, who presents his white supremacist opinions under the guise of scientific thought, has attended several of American Renaissance‘s yearly conferences in order to give speeches on race and intelligence that would have seemed outdated fifty years ago.

At the 2004 AmRen Conference, Templer gave a speech entitled “The Cost of Ignoring Group Differences.” And while I realize it may be discourteous to mock a person’s physical characteristics, I do find it at least a tad ironic that this pudgy, no-necked, bulldog of a man would have the nerve to espouse such pseudoscientific, pro-eugenics tripe.

“I have never believed that all ethnic groups are the same in psychological characteristics,” he said, taking time to pant every few seconds. “I have believed since I was a graduate student in the 1960s, that the black-white large IQ differences are genetic in origin.” He likened this realization about racial differences to “homosexual persons” coming out of the closet, and even likened himself and his fellow white supremacists to Galileo.

Templer’s racist rhetoric became even more venomous as he addressed America’s legacy of brutal racial discrimination against blacks. “Black Americans and many other minority groups have suffered from injustices in the history of our society. And this is unfortunate,” Templer conceded. “However, the present problems of blacks have little or nothing to do with slavery, with segregation, or with lynching. And I wish they would shut up!” he exclaimed to raucous applause.

Instead, he asserted, their problems stem from “low intelligence and poor impulse control.” It is “nature and not white people” that is responsible for black Americans’ “smaller brains and lower intelligence on the average.”

Professor Templer continued, calling the “denial of the very large inherent intellectual difference between blacks and whites” has resulted in the “misuse of the expression ‘test bias.'” Templer rejected the idea of biased testing, and stated that there is “no such thing as test bias when it comes to blacks.”

In fact, he remarked,”if black persons score low on an intelligence test, I couldn’t find any more powerful evidence for the validity of that test.” Instead of being horrified, the AmRen audience continued to laugh and applaud.

Another result of denying “inferior black intelligence” is that white folks are “blamed for the criminal proclivity of black persons.” And the root cause of black crime, according to Templer, is not poverty, failing educational institutions, or institutional racism. No. Instead he believes it is merely “low intelligence.”

People with “low intelligence,” he claimed, “tend to have low frustration tolerance, poor judgment, poor impulse control, poor ability to contain their aggression, poor ability to contain their sexual urges. And poor ability to manage their funds.”

He justified the comment on money management by saying that if he were a professional athlete who made $100,000 he would have invested his money and eventually doubled it, while black athletes squander their earnings until they go bankrupt.

But don’t worry, folks. They’re not racist or anything. They’re just pro-white.