James Edwards: U.S. And Europe Have Been ‘Invaded’ By ‘Savage’ Muslims

On his March 26, 2016 podcast of The Political Cesspool, Memphis-based radio host James Edwards — along with co-host Keith Alexander — used the recent terrorist attacks in Belgium to demonize multiculturalism and Muslim refugees.

“Well, another attack on our kinsmen in Europe this week,” Edwards said, kicking off the segment. “This one occurring in Belgium — you know, this is just becoming the cost of doing business I guess, Keith, in a multicultural, multiracial, multifaith society.” “Well, as we often say, you can’t have a First World nation with a Third World population, and Europe has been supine in just basically lying down and taking it as Muslim immigrants are let in,” replied Keith.

While Edwards acknowledged that the attacks were, indeed, acts of Islamic terrorism, he nonetheless pinned the blame on another right-wing bogeyman: diversity. As Edwards put it, one can “call it terrorism if you so choose,” but “mainly what it is is diversity. It’s the manifestation of diversity, is what it is. It’s the manifestation of multiculturalism.”

Please note that while there are obvious problems with the following audio clips, they were unfortunately in the original broadcast.

So appalled is Edwards by the specter of Muslim refugees, whom he incorrectly blames for this and other acts of terror, that he has begun speaking fondly of Charles Martel and Charlemagne — Frankish kings lionized by today’s bigots for having prevented the “Islamization” of Europe.

Edwards had previously written that “we need another Charlemagne, we need someone heavy-handed and strong-willed” who can “take back our homelands and defend our kith and kin” from Muslim refugees. In fact, he had remarked that he hoped presidential candidate Donald Trump would be just such a man — a statement that resulted in a minor media backlash. He complained that “everything that I write or say is amplified by the media” and that “the degenerate reporters latched onto that line in hopes that they could make it somehow look foolish.”

“I guarantee you this, Washington Post, and everybody else, that there are people in Belgium this week who are also praying for the next Charlemagne — or Martel, or Sobieski — to emerge and serve as their avenger because their governments have refused to do so for far too long!” he snapped.

Edwards also noted that Muslims are not the main enemy of white Americans, as another group currently controls the media and academia. One only wonders what group he’s alluding to. Still, he and Keith maintained that Muslims — be they immigrants, refugees, or citizens — pose an existential threat. It doesn’t “change the fact…that the Muslims are, in fact, savage” and “incompatible with Western culture.”

“And that’s where liberalism steps in and says you need to open your doors to everybody and if you don’t do that then you don’t have Christ’s love in your heart, and you’re not a good Christian,” Keith chimed in. “I call baloney on all of that. That’s not true Christianity at all.” (To hear Mr. Alexander tell it, it’s as if Matthew 25:34-46 is entirely absent from his family Bible, but I digress.)

Edwards agreed, praising Hungary’s draconian response to the refugee crisis and stating that these problems are only happening in “weak, cucked, Western states like Germany.” He then repeated the lie that the bulk of Syrian refugees are “military-age,” “robust” men. In fact, most refugees are women and children.

Edwards proceeded to issue a clarion call to his audience: “You’ve got to rise up. You have to defend your family — and we consider our race to be our extended family. If you’re a German, stand up for Germany. If you are a Frenchman, stand up for France. If you’re, uh, a British…man, stand up for England.” If whites don’t “stand up and fight,” he predicted, their children are “going to die” and they will inevitably be “robbed” of their “birthright” by “a people, an alien group that hates you.”