Alex Jones Warns His Audience Of A Soros-Funded ‘Race War’

In an “emergency” broadcast from March 19, 2016, professional conspiracist Alex Jones (of InfoWars and PrisonPlanet) issued a dire warning  to his viewers about a “scientific program of Balkanization” being launched here in the United States.

“I’ve been warning of this for years,” Jones said, “because there’s a lot of published, declassified CIA and big university foundation reports admitting it.” According to Jones, before “they” can “bring America into this corporate world government, this fascist government,” they must “collapse” the U.S. and Europe. And how are “they” going about this? The same way the Arab Spring uprising (funded, he alleges, by “Google, and [George] Soros, and others”) “collapsed” the Middle East.

Dozens of Soros-led organizations, including Black Lives Matter, are being used to disrupt Donald Trump’s speeches and “attacking the Secret Service.” Jones even cited the phony “knockout game” trend as proof of a forthcoming “race war,” adding that the rate of black-on-white crime is “exploding.” (It isn’t.)

“So, this is the plan. It’s definitely intensifying. We’re getting reports in Austin. I am physically witnessing it. I have members of my crew it’s happened to where they’re told get out of baseball fields, get out of parks in broad daylight by gangs of black youth,” he exclaimed. “And they’re singing Beyoncé songs about it while they do it, and yelling ‘Black Power.'” So now we have roving gangs of black teens committing hate crimes against whites while singing “Single Ladies” and “Crazy in Love.” God help us all if they move onto Taylor Swift or Nicki Minaj.

After declaring his crime statistics to be “absolutely well-known facts,” Jones continued to smear the members of Black Lives Matter as “ignorant” and “brainwashed” individuals who are trying to incite a race war — something which Jones deemed foolish because, he noted, black males are “six percent of the population” with “maybe ten percent” of them being “racist and evil.” Thus, they would be outnumbered and outgunned by “the armed crackers.”

Jones assured his audience that the points he was making were not racist, however. “I literally have fought for twenty-plus years to stop the fact that fifty-plus percent of blacks are aborted. I care genuinely about black people, and everybody else for that matter,” he exclaimed.

Oh, and apparently white supremacist groups are being financed by civil rights groups and the federal government.

Jones, unsurprisingly, joined the rogues gallery of famous (or infamous) Trump supporters — a list which now includes washed up athletes and movie stars, a convicted rapist, and a racial slur-spouting ex-wrestler. Despite having “some issues” with the billionaire egomaniac, Jones claimed that he talked to “seven different prominent people” who personally assured him that Trump is “anti-New World Order” and will “expose it all,” including 9/11 conspiracy theories.

An increasingly red-faced, sweating Jones then launched into a tirade about how “they’re trying to launch a massive race war,” and how “Nazi-collaborator” George Soros and others like him “overthrow countries all over the world.” “We are the tip of the spear. You are the tip of the spear. We are the InfoWar!” he screamed. “Now get out there and take these globalists on! And get out there and try to deprogram these zombies!”