Stefan Molyneux: End Welfare For ‘Resource Vampire’ Single Mothers

On a March 15, 2016 episode of his Freedomain Radio program, quasi-cult leader Stefan Molyneux discussed nationalism and feminism with an anti-feminist Canadian caller. The caller, who identified herself as “Jenna,” said that, to liberals, nationalism is a “completely dirty word,” and defended Hungary’s decision to seal its borders rather than allow in Syrian refugees.

Molyneux, naturally, agreed with Jenna, rhetorically asking if Hungary’s critics were aware that the nation “sacrificed itself historically to keep medieval Islam out of Europe.” “You’ve gotta be clear though,” he continued. “It’s not nationalism that’s bad, it’s only white nationalism that’s bad.”

To Molyneux, all forms of nationalism are equal; a black nationalist in the United States would be the same as a white nationalist, despite the history behind those identities. (White nationalism being a reactionary movement used to advocate for racial separatism and even ethnic cleansing, while black nationalism grew out of a response to white supremacy.)

Indeed, according to Molyneux the only reason why leftists loathe white nationalism is because of their desire to “carve up white countries and hand them out to Third Worlders for votes,” thus ensuring that they’ll stay in power. 

Things became even nastier when the subject moved to feminism. While Jenna lamented what she perceived as deteriorating relationships between the sexes and wondered why women couldn’t be “nicer” to men, Molyneux answered by drawing a parallel to conditions under the U.S.S.R. In Soviet restaurants, the “waiters, and the cooks, and the managers” were paid “whether people showed up or not and whether people liked their food or not.”

“With that configuration of economic incentives — or lack of economic incentives — was there any point lecturing the Soviet restaurant owners and waiters, was there any point lecturing them on quality?” he asked. “No, they get paid either way, and quality is more work. Quality is harder.”

The same, he asserted, could be said of women with access to welfare and other benefits. Thus “the only way to get women to value men more is for the men to not be forced to pay for women anymore,” which means “no welfare, no free healthcare, no kids paid for, I mean, it all has to go.” Once that happens, “women will kick and scream and get really angry and stomp and shout and protest” before they finally realize they’ll have to be “nice to men.”

Molyneux assured his caller that women in that situation wouldn’t “sit there and starve to death” but would instead “find some guy to help pay their bills” and “they’ll have to be super nice to that guy so he sticks around.” 

Finally Molyneux, whose anti-woman rants rivaled those of misogynistic spree killer Elliot Rodger, went on a tirade against single mothers.

“You know, I mean, I don’t know if you’ve known any single moms but single moms are pretty bitter towards men. And single moms don’t like to, let’s just say, take an excess of personal responsibility as to how they ended up single moms, right?”

“They just won’t take ownership. They won’t say, ‘I chose the wrong man, and now society has to pay for my terrible decision, forever and ever and ever, right? Like, like, I have now become a resource vampire because I couldn’t get a quality man to knock me up and stick around.'”