Paul Ramsey Calls Black Lives Matter a ‘Terrorist Organization’

RamZPaul offering his unique perspective.

In a March 12, 2016 video, white nationalist vlogger Paul Ramsey discussed Donald Trump’s Chicago rally — pinning the blame for its cancellation on leftists who desire to censor “hate speech.”

After perpetuating the myth that a protester who rushed the stage at a Trump rally was a “Muslim terrorist” — Trump himself retweeted a hoax video suggesting the man was linked to ISIS — Ramsey said that “the left has this idea that if they don’t like speech — which they call ‘hate speech’ — they have a right to have violence and physically intimidate and shut people down.”

“That’s what they did with Trump. I’m not surprised,” he added.

As Ramsey put it, leftists first began shutting down explicitly neo-Nazi and white nationalist conferences with “death threats, bomb threats against hotels.” Now that they’ve supposedly moved on to Trump, “cucks” like Cruz and Rubio are “trying to make excuses for it.” Of course death threats are wrong no matter who they’re directed at — even venues hosting neo-Nazi conferences. However, no Donald Trump rally thus far has been shut down due to threats of violence.

Nonetheless, Ramsey continues to cast the blame for the cancellation on left-wingers, particularly members of Black Lives Matter. “This is, Black Lives Matter, they’re a terrorist organization. If you don’t believe me, just imagine if it was like a white group, let’s say like the KKK — which doesn’t exist, but let’s pretend they existed, right? Hundreds of them — pretend the KKK got together with the Sanders rally and said, ‘We’re gonna kick some ass, we’re gonna rush the stage, we’re gonna assassinate people, we’re gonna kill ’em.'”

Urging his viewers to imagine a scenario where white thugs attacked a mostly black audience at a Bernie Sanders rally, forcing Sanders to cancel it, Ramsey alleged that there would be a civil rights investigation, FBI involvement, and serious prison time for the perpetrators. “That’s what should happen to the Black Lives Matter people!” he exclaimed. “They’re terrorists! By definition when you try to stop someone’s political point of view and speech based on threats, you are a terrorist, which is what they are.”

However, Black Lives Matter activists have not been threatening or starting fights with Trump supporters. To the contrary, the only folks intent on busting heads appear to be Trump’s most strident loyalists who have been filmed screaming at, spitting on, pushing, and sucker-punching black and Latino people — usually with the encouragement of Trump himself. (For a more complete list of violent altercations at Trump events, see here.)

Moreover, despite Trump’s self-pitying tale of being advised to cancel his Chicago event by the cops, the Chicago Police Department told Donald Trump no such thing. In fact, they never even spoke with Trump or anyone who worked on his campaign. The only person responsible for cancelling the  rally was Trump himself; and it was not due to threats of violence, but simply due to protest by opponents which, the last time I checked, was also protected speech.

Indeed, while Black Lives Matter activists have not committed any terrorist acts so far, they have repeatedly been the victims of violence and threats. And not just at Donald Trump rallies, either. Recall that last year four white supremacists with ties to the website 4chan shot and wounded several Black Lives Matter activists.