What Is It With White Nationalists And Human Skulls?

A lot has been made of white nationalist Davis M. J. Aurini and his use of a fake human skull as a stage prop over at We Hunted the Mammoth. It’s been speculated that Aurini either has a collection of them or, judging from his videos, merely moves one from room to room.

For example, here’s a screen shot from a typical Aurini video:

Davis Aurini Skull

See? He keeps it right there like it’s a normal thing for a human to display in his home. But Aurini isn’t the only white nationalist with an apparent skull fixation. I was watching some of Jared Taylor’s videos and spotted this:

Jared Taylor Skull

See what I mean? What is with that? And, again, it doesn’t end there. Here’s a screen capture from one of Paul Ramsey’s videos:


There it is again! So, seriously, what’s the deal? Is there some white supremacist skull fetish I’m unaware of? Do they think skulls just make nifty decorations? Do they display them so that viewers will assume they’re just huge anthropology nerds or something? And, for that matter, where are they getting these skulls? Is there just one that they loan out to one another?

The world needs to know, dammit!