Matt Forney Ponders Whether Or Not Women Should Have Freedom Of Speech

In his latest video, walking inferiority complex Matt Forney contemplates whether or not women should vote or even have freedom of speech. In the video, titled “Should Freedom of Speech Be Restricted to Men?”, Forney treats his viewers to a misogynistic “thought experiment.”

First, Forney summarizes an article he read on a (no doubt reputable) website called The Men’s Tribune which argues that women should not have been granted the right to vote. Forney explains how men were given the right to vote, and why women don’t deserve it, in an absurd history lesson for his viewers.

“Now, the concept of voting, the concept of electoral democracy for men, came about as the replacement for violence,” Forney asserted.

Back before the existence of government, he explained, “we settled things with violence.” “What happens in a democracy is that we trade in the right to violence…for the right to vote,” he continued. “So instead of stabbing each other in the face, we settle our differences at the ballot box.”

“Now here’s the thing, women were given the right to vote, but they didn’t have to give up anything in exchange.” Since women are the “weaker sex” and not known for resorting to violence. Instead they use “subterfuge,” seduction, and gossip to get their way.

Ergo, in Matt Forney’s mind, women should not vote. In addition, Forney states that while something can be done to stop violence, men have done nothing to prevent women from gossiping. “We’ve let this tendency in women go unchecked.”

Forney then moved on to the story of how Donald Trump floated the absurd suggestion of “open[ing] up those libel laws” to prevent The New York Times from being so mean to him. “On the one hand,” under this policy the right would be able to “pretty much crush the leftist media” for “lying” about conservatives.

On the other hand, there’s the First Amendment, which kind of throws a monkey wrench into the Donald’s proposed law.

Still, Forney wondered as part of a “thought experiment” whether or not it would be a wise idea to use expanded libel laws to target gossipy women — and by “gossipy” I mean women who accuse men of rape and sexual assault.

“If you post unsubstantiated gossip rumors about someone on social media — I mean, defamatory stuff, like accusing someone of being a rapist, accusing someone of being — sexually assaulting you, accusing someone of being rapey or whatever, I mean, serious crimes — sue them and make it go away,” he said.

Although Forney acknowledged that this was a question of “bringing the government into, you know, areas where it doesn’t really belong,” he nonetheless maintained that “you cannot allow female gossip to run unchecked.”