Jared Taylor Suggests White Supremacists Rebrand Themselves As ‘White Advocates’

On a February 26, 2016 YouTube video by Jared Taylor — the head of American Renaissance and the New Century Foundation — discussed the problem of what white supremacists ought to call themselves, since their “enemies” will inevitably call them names like…well…white supremacists.

In the video, entitled “Who Are We?”, Taylor says, “I care deeply about the future of Europeans wherever they have taken their culture. Which is to say I care about whites and Western civilization, and I believe our civilization can be carried forward only by the biological descendants of the people who created it.” White people, Taylor says, have the “right” and, indeed, the “duty” to remain the majority in their “own lands.”

“A hundred years ago virtually all whites understood this,”he said. “Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand — they were all rooted in a particular people. The people of Europe.” Curiously, Mr. Taylor leaves out the indigenous tribes of North America, the Māori people of New Zealand, and the aboriginal people of Australia — before it served as a white penal colony.

“We know that diversity, for us, is slow suicide,” he continued. “And we refuse to help build a future in which our own children will be minorities — perhaps hated minorities — in the nations our ancestors built.”

The heart of the video, however, is the question of what Mr. Taylor and those like him ought to call themselves. Besides racist, of course.

Right off the bat, Mr. Taylor rejects a handful of common labels. “Some in our circles like the term ‘white nationalist.’ I don’t. For most people it sounds dangerous. It implies breaking the United States up into enclaves. Or even expelling non-whites.” He similarly dismissed the term “white separatist.” That term, he said, could imply “forcible separation.”

Likewise Mr. Taylor dismissed the alt-right, on the grounds that there should be nothing “alternative” about his racial views and that not everyone who shares those views is necessarily “right wing” when it comes to government spending, foreign aid, and other issues.

Jared Taylor’s proposal is that they use the phrase “white advocate” to describe themselves. The reason? “It’s clear what it means, and it isn’t threatening. It means we’re speaking for whites. For our own people. And an advocate is someone who makes a case without the slightest hint of violence. Advocates support their positions with facts. Also, advocacy doesn’t commit us to any specific program or policy the word nationalist does. It commits us only to a people.”

Yes, that should solve your PR problem, Mr. Taylor.