Headlines — Trumpocalypse Part II


Donald Trump refuses to denounce David Duke, a court ruling shuttered most of Louisiana’s abortion clinics, Governor Daugaard vetoed an anti-trans bill approved by the South Dakota legislature, and more.

The Atlantic – Why won’t Donald Trump repudiate the Ku Klux Klan?
The Daily Beast – How Breitbart unleashes hate mobs to threaten, dox, and troll Trump critics.
Raw Story – Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan joins the KKK in praise of Donald Trump.
The Washington Blade
– Gov. Daugaard vetoes South Dakota anti-trans bathroom bill.
Talking Points Memo – Man yells ‘Fuck the niggers,’ fires at black sheriff candidate’s campaign headquarters.
Feministing – Court ruling forces all but one of Louisiana’s abortion clinics to close.
Hatewatch – KKK at the center of ‘bloody melee’ in California.