Neo-Confederate Robert Stacy McCain Banned From Twitter

It seems that a few days ago, blogger and author Robert Stacy McCain found himself permanently suspended from Twitter. While it’s unclear so far as to what exactly triggered the suspension in the first place, what is known is that McCain is a longtime neo-Confederate and quasi-men’s rights activist who’s spent years voicing his anti-feminist, anti-choice, and white supremacist views on his blog, The Other McCain, and other websites.

So, while folks on the right are trying to trend the hashtag #FreeStacy, let’s walk through some of McCain’s more controversial moments.

On the far-right website Free Republic, McCain was a prolific poster whose moniker, BurkeCalhounDabney, was a reference to Confederate Army chaplain Robert Louis Dabney. (Dabney, the chief of staff to Stonewall Jackson, was an influential preacher who used the Scriptures to defend slavery and white supremacy.) McCain frequently linked to articles from, a now defunct website maintained by prominent neo-Nazi Bill White.

White, who was convicted in 2014 of sending death threats to public officials two years prior, had once stated on his website, “Sometimes you just have to murder blacks — and, frankly, the killing needs to start with the black leaders and NAACP activists.” He also made it clear in a September 27, 2001 post that he considered McCain a “good friend and comrade.” (Archived here.)

In at least one Usenet message from 1996, McCain accused Abraham Lincoln of “war crimes” and “naked aggression” against the Confederacy. Of slavery McCain wrote, “Certainly, chattel slavery was no ideal economic or social system.” However, he asserted, it was “incorrect to say that slavery was a system based upon racial hatred.”Indeed, slavery, according to McCain, was marked by the “cordial and affectionate relations which generally existed between the races in the Old South.”

McCain is a member of the League of the South, a neo-Confederate organization listed as a white nationalist hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. In another online discussion McCain spoke glowingly of the League of the South. “[A] growing number of Southern leaders say Dixie is still alive, and they mean to keep it that way,” he wrote.

Those “Southern leaders” included “such scholars as Dr. Michael Hill, Dr. Clyde Wilson and Dr. Thomas Fleming.” Michael Hill is the founder of the League of the South, while Wilson and Fleming were founding members. As for the League of the South, formerly known as the “Southern League,” McCain wrote:

Dedicated to the “economic, cultural and political independence” of the South, a goal to be achieved “by all honorable means,” The Southern League is unlike any other current movement in America. It is no crackpot militia, nor is it any way racially oriented. Its members are involved in defending such traditional Southern symbols as the Confederate battle flag from attacks by advocates of political correctness; however, this is much more than a “heritage defense” group. Its members are conservative in their political and cultural leanings, but this is not merely another front of the Republican phalanx: The Southern League shocked the “country club” crowd by endorsing the “divisive” Patrick Buchanan for President.

No, the Southern League is more than all this. The organization aims to resurrect and revitalize the moral and political doctrines to which such men as [Jefferson] Davis, [Robert E.] Lee and Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson dedicated their lives, including a free and independent South, either under the “paleo-federalist” principles of the 10th Amendment or by the “Southern National” act of secession. As shocking as such a notion may sound on the cusp of the 21st century, both the friends and enemies of the Southern League have begun to take this movement seriously. Why? Look around. Calls for “home rule” and “autonomy” are becoming common around the globe: From Scotland to the West Bank, in the Baltic and in the Balkans, we see empires falling apart or nations facing demands for independence by regional minorities. Most recently, Quebec came within a single percentage point of voting to secede from Canada.

In yet another message he said he could be called “the redneck James Baldwin,” except the real Baldwin “was a commie queer.”

McCain has ties to racists beyond Bill White and the League of the South. In 2002, McCain wrote a guest article entitled “Race and Teenage Pregnancy” for the white nationalist American Renaissance magazine.

Once again under the pen name Burke C. Dabney, McCain lamented declining white birthrates, noting that, “Non-white teenagers are more than twice as likely as whites to have children” and that “more than one in five babies” born to African-Americans in 1999 were born to teenage mothers. “Any health program or education project aimed at reducing teenage births will therefore yield greater results if it targets blacks and Hispanics,” he wrote.

He continued, asserting that:

Young whites are being bombarded with scare-propaganda about teenage pregnancy when, in fact, they are considerably less “at risk” for this outcome than minority children. This propaganda may foster a general anti-natal mentality among whites, and an aversion to having children that persists beyond the teenage years, and contributes to sub-replacement fertility for whites. For while overall American fertility rates are the highest in the advanced industrialized nations, white fertility is considerably lower…

White women would have to give birth to 13.5 percent more babies every year in order for the white population just to maintain its current size. Meanwhile, Hispanic and black fertility rates are 62 and 20 percent higher than the white rate, and ensure growing populations while the white population declines. One might well wonder about indiscriminate anti-natalist propaganda when some groups in the country are already below replacement-level fertility. The “success” of such propaganda only accelerates the decline of the white population. If crusaders against teenage motherhood were serious, they would concentrate on the black and Hispanic girls who account for more than half of teenage births. Targeting whites as part of a general campaign is yet another form of racial suicide. We should encourage whites to have children within marriage; instead they are encouraged only to use contraceptives, whether married or single.

Sometimes McCain simply parrots talking points created by known racists. For example, last year McCain called the lowering of the Confederate flag at the South Carolina capital an act that “should  cause concern for any person intelligent enough to understand how such precedents, once established, are often used to justify further aggression by Cultural Marxists.”

Later in that same article he wrote that whatever “the Left is arguing against will predictably be compared to the Holocaust” and disagreement with “the Left” will mean you are “a Nazi Who Wants to Kill Six Million Jews.”

Perhaps it is just a coincidence, but the particular phrasing of that statement is eerily reminiscent of “the Mantra,” a 221-word white supremacist screed that condemns non-white immigration and intermarriage as a form of “white genocide.” Written by Bob Whitaker, an aging segregationist and presidential candidate for the racist American Freedom Party, the Mantra reads in part:

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews [sic].

In Whitaker’s version, the phrase “Nazi who wants to kill six million Jews” is one long word. McCain wrote it differently, spacing the words and capitalizing first letters. Nonetheless it’s odd for McCain to use that exact phrase without having done so deliberately.

It doesn’t end with racism and endorsements of white supremacists either. McCain has plenty to say about women and the LGBT community as well. From a January 20, 2011 post entitled “Fear of a Republican Uterus” he wrote:

One of the necessary consequences of the Modern Professional Feminist Career Woman Lifestyle is that it tends to limit women’s procreative capacity. It isn’t merely that feminism’s embrace of the Culture of Death elevates abortion to sacramental status. Rather, it is that feminist notions of Progress require that women foresake (or at least postpone) the love-marriage-motherhood model of happiness in pursuit of careerist equality.

Here’s what he wrote about LGBT rights in a November 19, 2012 article entitled “HuffPo and the Homo-Supremacy Agenda”:

So the agenda now is compulsory approval. Everyone must pledge allegiance to the Rainbow Flag, and once you are forbidden to disapprove of homosexuality, logically, your refusal to participate in gay sex will be classified as an unacceptable form of “discrimination.”

This isn’t about “equality” or “liberation.” No, it’s about homo hegemony, as the fanatics seek to secure a privileged and superior status for themselves and their preferences. That’s not disco music you hear, it’s the sound of hobnailed boots marching over broken glass.

Here are some passages from a similarly anti-LGBT tirade:

What’s the point of “coming out” as bisexual?

If you are actually with somebody of the same sex — which is to say, you’re in a gay relationship — then this could cause a situation at the family Thanksgiving gathering. But if all you’re doing, in terms of your bisexuality, is occasionally hooking up with partners of either sex, do you need to “come out” about that? Why?

Politics, really. Adding another soldier to the LGBT Social Justice Army in their Grand March to abolish normality. So if you ever had an “incident” at Scout camp or engaged in some “Wow, I was so drunk last night” shenanigans at college, it is now Urgently Important that you must tell everybody on the Internet. This is what Tumblr blogs are for.

. . .

Now that every college has an LGBT club and every major city has a “pride” parade, the abolition of sexual shame has also abolished the frisson of pursuing Forbidden Pleasure. If nothing is taboo anymore — a lesbian comedian is hosting a popular daytime TV show and a former Olympic star makes the cover of Vanity Fair as “transgender” — where can anyone find the thrill of Guilty Secrets? As weirdness becomes more and more normalized in society, it also inevitably becomes more boring.

. . .

Nothing is repressed in 2015. Perverts are marching down Main Street beneath the Rainbow Flag, declaring their pride in being abnormal, and anyone who fails to applaud the parade is condemned as a hater. As I’ve said, “Until I started studying radical feminism, I never thought of ‘normal’ as an achievement.”

And from a June 26, 2015 post he wrote condemning nationwide marriage equality:

About 20 years ago, when liberals began their push for gay marriage, it struck me as an absurd idea. I’m sure most other Americans felt the same way about it, and the social conservatives who took it seriously at the time seemed like hysterical alarmists. Certainly if anyone had told me, circa 1995, that we would reach this point so quickly, I would not have believed them, for I simply could not imagine that we would ever reach this point at all. Trusting in the basic common sense of the American people, I underestimated the persuasive power of the media and the entertainment industry, which have been playing the role of cheerleaders at the LGBT pep rally for so long. Also, I underestimated the extent to which the liberal gospel of Progress and Equality had taken root in the minds of people who, wishing to avoid serious thought about politics and social order, were content to go along with the crowd.

. . .

This is obvious enough, and there are many more equally obvious ramifications of Obergefell. The angry LGBT mob, full of destructive rage, will seize the whip they’ve been handed by the Supreme Court and employ it to inflict their sadistic revenge on America.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

So while we may not know precisely what statement(s) got McCain booted off of Twitter, at least we shouldn’t be surprised.