Headlines — 2/25/16

Ben Carson questions President Obama’s blackness, white nationalist David Duke endorses Donald Trump, a look at Hillary Clinton’s history of racial fearmongering and more.

BuzzFeed News – David Duke urges his supporters to volunteer and vote for Trump.
Southern Poverty Law Center – Candidates for president, other offices, voice extremist views.
Huffington Post – How can black people trust Hillary Clinton after the 2008 campaign?
Salon – Black Lives Matter protesters confront Clinton at South Carolina fundraiser.
TPM Livewire – Chuck Grassley vows to block HHS nominee over Planned Parenthood probe.
Washington Post – If Iowa law passes, children can carry handguns.
Right Wing Watch – Alex Jones says ‘no amount of fluoride in the water’ can stop Donald Trump.
Gawker – Ben Carson says Barack Obama was ‘raised white.’