Roosh Valizadeh Breaks Up With The Alt-Right Movement

After numerous articles railing against “degenerate” Jews, homosexuals, and non-white immigrants, his attendance at last year’s National Policy Institute conference, and his decision to allow white supremacist Paul Ramsey to write a guest article for Return of Kings, it seems that Roosh Valizadeh’s flirtation with the alt-right is finally over.

And, like many break-ups, it’s pretty messy. Right from the get-go Roosh compares the alt-right movement to literally the worst thing he can think of: feminism.

First, readers will need some background information on this feud. Roosh V, a pickup artist, based his entire career on sleeping with women in foreign countries and writing books about his sexual conquests. This sort of behavior doesn’t sit well with the more traditionalist elements of the alt-right movement.

Neither does Roosh’s Iranian and Armenian heritage. Some folks on the alt-right have stated that Roosh’s behavior is either tantamount to rape or, at a bare minimum, incredibly creepy. Matt Parrott of the Traditionalist Youth Network stated as much during a recent podcast alongside Matt Forney, Colin Liddell, and Andy Nowicki.

In response, Forney — a close friend and ally of Roosh’s — said on an episode of The Matt Forney Show that alt-right adherents had used the “feminist definition of rape” to unfairly tar Roosh as a rapist. In Roosh’s post attacking the alt-right, titled “The Alt-Right Is Worse Than Feminism In Attempting To Control Male Sexual Behavior,” he repeats this same criticism.

“For a flash of 2015 [the alt-right movement] offered new ideas that could serve as a counterweight to liberalism and social justice,” he wrote, “but unfortunately a large section of it has degenerated into a collection of fearful beta males who are obsessed with controlling the sexual choices of all men and who they’re allowed to associate with.”

He then ludicrously accused the alt-right of allying itself with “feminists and men’s rights activists” (clearly groups which often work together) in “attacking heterosexual men by participating in bogus ‘rape culture’ hysteria.”

Roosh claimed that the alt-right as a movement had been overtaken by a “1488 mob” and “white purity enthusiasts” who “began attempting to purge moderates from the alt right who dared to follow non-white people on Twitter.” “They also came after me, sending hundreds of angry tweets for the main reason that I’m not white but am seen as attractive and masculine by white women,” he complained.

“The alt-right has begun doing what they wanted to do all along: control the sexual choices of men,” he wrote. Roosh noted that in order to be accepted by the alt-right he must refrain from “race-mixing” to appease the movement’s white separatists and white supremacists. “If you ’re a non-white male, you’re not allowed to sleep with a white girl, because you’re a nigger/kebab/gook, and you must be deported from the country you happen to be a citizen of or outright killed,” he declared.

In another sign of post-break-up anger, Roosh said he was never really a part of their stupid movement anyway, writing that he’s “gotten messages from hundreds of self-proclaimed members of the alt right who say I can’t be ‘in’ their movement, even though I have never contributed for an alt right site or spoken at one of their functions.” He then accuses the alt-right of trying to control men’s sexuality before comparing them to dreaded feminists:

Feminism is a movement that aims to maximize female sexual choices while minimizing male sexual choice. Feminists shame men who date younger women and who have preferences for thin and beautiful women. Feminists have petitioned the legal system to invent the crime of “sexual harassment” to constrain male behavior and have changed the laws on due process to criminalize the act of consensual sex. They use the accusation of “rapist” on an increasing number of men who dared to exercise their sexual choices in a legal manner.

The alt right started as a nationalist movement, and that’s what many people believe it to currently be, but we’re only three months away from it being a movement primarily concerned with minimizing the sexual choices of everyone. While feminists want to control how a man has sex, the alt right wants to control who they have sex with.

By exercising sexual choices in a legal manner, perhaps Roosh meant, as Matt Forney put it, using “a bit of muscle on a girl” and having sex with a girl who “was hovering on the edge of unconsciousness.” You know, legal stuff.

And just to be clear, Roosh found many elements of the alt-right movement acceptable, saying that their ideas once “offered a path for us to move forward against the leftist establishment.” Now, utterly disillusioned by their open hatred of interracial relationships, Roosh is comparing them to the defunct website PUA Hate (and its subsequent incarnation Slut Hate) and spree killer Elliot Rodger.

He also believes that he had been abandoned by all but a few alt-righters:

Besides a small spattering of messages of solidarity from alt right leaders like Richard Spencer and Paul Ramsey, much of the alt right joined in on the attack against myself and ROK in response to the outrage from our February 6 international meetup. In other words, the alt right and social justice crowds became natural allies. Many comments were along the lines of, “Yeah! Roosh is a sand nigger rapefugee! He’s bad! Get him!”

He particularly took exception to being called a rapist by Counter-Currents Publishing’s Greg Johnson. The reason? Johnson is (allegedly) gay:

Their delirium culminated when Greg Johnson, the homosexual proprietor of alt right publishing house Counter Currents, copy-pasted male feminist David “Manboobz” Futrelle’s attack narrative against me to say that I must certainly be a rapist because of distorted out-of-context travel writing, an accusation which I unequivocally deny. Only to a feminist—and now to an alt righter—is sleeping with a woman who consumed alcohol and consented to sex considered rape. Ironically, Johnson’s attack came only two days after A Voice For Women’s most feminine men’s rights writer, Dean Esmay, did nearly the exact same thing.

Johnson was applauded by the alt right for taking such a brave stand against an ex-player, while his adventures in AIDS-causing anal sex are hushed up and ignored in what is supposed to be a traditional movement. It turns out that homosexuals have some sort of perverse immunity in the alt right.

From the rumors I’ve been hearing, a number of influential alt right members are indeed homosexual. They’ll go on and on about the Jewish question—and attack you if you don’t—but ignore discussion of the “homosexual question” and its role in wrecking societies. Now you know why.

An indignant Roosh added that he “didn’t fight feminism for the past ten years so that I can aid a movement that is their mirror image.” And by fighting feminism he means impotently writing misogynistic screeds on his personal blog.

Roosh closed his long-winded essay by writing that while there are “severe problems with Western society,” he and his readership should refrain from joining a movement “whose medicine is worse than the disease.” Roosh, it seems, has found someone else:

I still believe that a form of nationalism is needed to defeat the liberal establishment that is run by sociopathic globalists, but it must be one that doesn’t mimic feminism in controlling male behavior. Looking at Donald Trump’s campaign, I see that his brand of nationalism seems to have the effect of uniting conservatives regardless of their race, so I’m starting to come to the conclusion that this man has provided the answers in the way that the alt right has not.

In other words, Roosh is turning to a racist, authoritarian blowhard for answers. So while Roosh may have split with the alt-right as a movement, it looks like he’s sticking with many of their ideas.