Headlines — 2/23/16

Ted Cruz dumps racist street artist Sabo, a Missouri man threatens to murder a Muslim family, Vox Day goes on an anti-miscegenation tirade, and more.

Gawker – Ted Cruz stops selling merchandise from racist street artist Sabo.
Talking Points Memo – Nation of Islam leader offers to provide security for Beyoncé if police won’t.
Right Wing Watch – Meet a law professor conservatives turn to on marriage, immigration, and the SCOTUS blockade.
Raw Story – Missouri man threatens Muslim family shouting ‘You, your wife and your kids have to die.’
Media Matters – Washington Post cited bogus ‘post-abortion syndrome’ myth without saying it’s been discredited.
Jezebel – How we failed to protect Kesha.
We Hunted the Mammoth – Vox Day recommends that readers move to the suburbs to keep their daughters from dating a ‘rapper with a sub-80 IQ.’