Matt Forney: ‘Cultural Marxists’ Use Affirmative Consent Laws To ‘Undermine The Family Unit’

On the February 12, 2016 episode of his eponymous podcast, Matt Forney addressed the controversy surrounding Roosh Valizadeh’s aborted international meet-up, Donald Trump’s odds in South Carolina, and affirmative consent laws — which he believes are an attempt by the left to destroy white families.

On the subject of Donald Trump and the upcoming primary in South Carolina, Forney said that the real estate tycoon will “probably run into some trouble” in the Palmetto State.

Gov. Nikki Haley, he said, is an “Indian immigrant” (she was actually born in Bamberg, SC) and a “female cuckservative” who capitulated by taking down the Confederate flag following the Charleston shooting and “refused to fight Obama’s resettlement of Syrian refugees.”

(There was nothing she could actually do to block the resettlement of refugees.)

His rant quickly became even uglier as he leveled homophobic and racist attacks against Senators Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott. Forney referred to Graham as a “flamboyantly homosexual, closet homosexual” who “spends his Friday nights with a ball gag in his mouth” and being “whipped by a cat o’nine tails in a dungeon somewhere in D.C.”

As for Tim Scott, Forney called him “Stepin Fetchit” — a reference to the late, black Vaudeville performer who often played the role of a “coon caricature” in his performances. Acknowledging that he might take some heat for his comments, he nonetheless alleged that Scott “got his position solely because he’s black,” adding that he has a “goofy Stepin Fetchit grin on his face.”

Matt Forney also had choice words for his Alt-Right cohorts, accusing them of using the “feminist definition of rape” to condemn Roosh V as a rapist. Forney further defended Roosh by accusing critics of using “out of context” quotes to accuse him of rape.

I would once again quote the passages Forney is referring to, but I have no need as Forney himself summarizes them thusly: “Now, feminists have been calling Roosh a rapist based on a couple of out of context quotes from Bang Iceland and Bang Poland, in which he purportedly, in one of them he used a bit of muscle on a girl and in another, the Icelandic example, he had sex with a girl who was hovering on the edge of unconsciousness.”

He also attacks affirmative consent laws through a strawman argument. According to Forney, under these laws a man must “obtain consent continuously throughout the encounter” and “if he doesn’t then he’s a rapist.” After listing off a myriad of intimate acts he says a man must ask for consent in order to perform, Forney adds, “And finally you have to get permission to actually penetrate her, and you have to get permission for each thrust.”

This is absolutely false. Affirmative consent merely clarifies that a “lack of protest or resistance” to a sexual encounter isn’t consent, and that consent can be withdrawn at any time. So, if your partner says stop, you stop — which is pretty much common sense, and common courtesy. There is no requirement to ask every step of the way for everything you do, the law simply states that consent must be “clear” and “unambiguous.”

And then he outright denies that marital rape exists. “Well up until a couple…a few decades ago, there was no such thing as marital rape,” he explained, “because when a woman married a man, she was consenting through the act of marriage to have sex with him, now and forever more.”

Finally, he explains that feminists are doing what “all totalitarian regimes do,” and that is “destroy[ing] the implicit trust in human relationships.” When “cultural Marxists” enforce affirmative consent laws, he warned, they are trying to “create a situation where men and women fear each other and are afraid of sexual encounters.”  The upshot is “undermin[ing] the family unit,” especially white families.

He also echoes Roosh’s homophobic tirade against same-sex marriage, claiming that the nefarious left “wants to encourage every, every form of sexual degeneracy, every form of sex except for heterosexual sex that leads to, to marriage and children,” enforce “state sponsored anal sex through gay marriage,” and eventually legalize pedophilia.

Update: It appears as though someone has come forward to actually accuse Roosh V of rape.