‘Because Potato!’ A Look at Janet Bloomfield’s Twitter Feed

There’s plenty to say about Janet “JudgyBitch” Bloomfield. She smears prominent feminists with fake quotes. She’s a diehard Trump supporter. She isn’t exactly a talented writer. She’s against her own right to vote. But another fun fact is that the word “potato” is her favorite non-sequitur.

For example:

Bloomfield Tweet 1

She also says feminism is “cancer”:

Bloomfield Tweet 2

Bloomfield Tweet 3

Bloomfield Tweet 4

Bloomfield 5

She is also fond of saying “reasons” for some…reason:

Bloomfield Tweet 6

Bloomfield Tweet 7

Bloomfield Tweet 8

And she buys into the ridiculous myth that Planned Parenthood “sells baby parts”:

Bloomfield Tweet 9

Bloomfield Tweet 10

And supported the militant idiots who invaded that Oregon bird sanctuary. Plus I think she has Black Lives Matter confused with rioters:

Bloomfield Tweet 11

And she uses a hashtag about murdering so-called “Social Justice Warriors”:

Bloomfield Tweet 12

Because calling for the death of political opponents is okay. Because potato.