Michael Savage: Bernie Sanders Is A ‘Revolutionary Communist’ And Will Make ‘Black Lives Matter’ His ‘Personal Army’

On the February 10th, 2016 episode of The Savage Nation, right-wing shock jock Michael Savage ranted about “the corrupt Hillary” and “the psychotic Communist Bernie,” and the eventual “Communist revolution” they will bring to America should one of them win. “The soul of America is clearly up for grabs,” Savage melodramatically warned his audience.

“When Bernie holds up his fist in a Black Power salute, and says this is a revolution — and he has been a lifetime street agitator, Communist revolutionary for his entire sick life — what do you think he intends to do, what do you think will follow if God forbid this psychotic street radical wins?”

“Would you like to see Al Sharpton as Attorney General?” the doomsaying radio host asked. “Would you like to see the Black Panther Party running the U.S. military? Shall I go down the list of what might happen after they seize your guns? And they release the thugs in Black Lives Matter upon the streets of America, having armed them as their private army?”

There is so much wrong with this rant I don’t even know where to begin. There’s the fact that Democratic Socialism isn’t the same as genuine socialism — let alone Communism. There’s the obvious fact that Al Sharpton, a TV host on MSNBC, would never be chosen or confirmed as Attorney General. And there’s the fact that the Black Panther Party has been defunct for decades now. It’s just too wrong for words.

Savage continues in this vein, intermittently launching into tirades and taking calls from his listeners. After taking a call from one listener Savage declared, “Obama is pure evil, and he gets away with virtually everything.” He praised the Supreme Court for uncharacteristically putting a temporary halt to the president’s EPA rules for combating climate change.

Nonetheless, Savage went on to denounce Obama as “pure evil with a smile” before attacking Bernie Sanders again — and attempting to frighten his audience with the threat of scary black folks.

“Obama kicked the door to socialism wide open. If Bernie walks in we’ll have naked Communism in this country. They will use the street gangs that burned down Baltimore, the street gangs that burned down Ferguson, they will use them as government enforcers as sure as I’m sitting here.”

Sure, whatever you say, comrade.