White Nationalist Richard Spencer Congratulates Donald Trump On His N.H. Victory

Donald Trump was widely believed to be the favorite in the New Hampshire primary after maintaining a solid lead in the Granite State for months. After suffering a small setback in Iowa, Trump improved his ground game and proved the pollsters correct, winning with 34% of the vote. Nazis, trolls, and other miscreants rejoiced online, promoting hashtags like #FashTheNation and trading racist images.

Trump also won praise from prominent white nationalist Richard B. Spencer, the head of the National Policy Institute and founder of the Radix Journal. “It was a fantastic evening,” Spencer said in a recent video. “Trump won in New Hampshire and he won big, so let’s raise a glass.”

Spencer offered his take on the Trump phenomenon, stating that Trump isn’t significant because of his ideas or even what he says, but rather his trademark blustery speaking style. “Trump’s policies aren’t as important. What he says isn’t as important as how he says it, the gusto in which he says it, as what he means, as what he expresses.”

“Trump,” Spencer said, “is an important phenomenon not because he’s actually putting forth some policy that’s really unusual. Trump’s an important phenomenon because he expresses a kind of nationalism.” Saying that this kind of (racial and ethnic) nationalism is entirely absent in the modern American right, he called Trump an “icebreaker” in “bringing forth this kind of nationalism.”

His analysis also brought him to divide the Republican field into three parts. First was Donald Trump, who is a category unto himself. The second is the so-called “cuckservatives” — a neologism/racial slur used to describe white people who support supposedly “anti-white” social policies.

“And I would include amongst the cucks, I would include Kasich, Bush, Rubio, Christie, Fiorina,” he said. (Since he posted this video both Christie and Fiorina have dropped out.)

“So that’s basically the Establishment cuckservative candidate,” he continued. “They want more immigration and they want more wars for Israel.” The third group, consisting of Ted Cruz and Ben Carson, is what he called the “loony” group — extremely religious figures who many people find grating and undesirable.