Roosh Valizadeh: Multiculturalism Is A Government Plot To Displace ‘Native-Born’ Americans

Pickup artist and pro-rape blogger Roosh V was recently in the news for his plan to host an international meetup for his followers in 43 countries. Due to exposure from several major news outlets and the resultant widespread condemnation, Roosh backed down and announced the cancellation of this mass gathering of cult followers.

Dave Futrelle of We Hunted the Mammoth — a blog dedicated to tracking pickup artists and men’s rights activists — called Roosh “a thoroughly despicable person” and a “misogynist, racist, homophobe, and anti-Semite.” If this short YouTube lecture on multiculturalism is any indication, Roosh is only digging in his heels.

In terms of xenophobic and racist critiques of immigration and multiculturalism, Roosh’s opinions are quite standard. However, it does demonstrate the fact that Roosh is continuing to lurch toward openly white nationalist beliefs. In his video, “The Truth About Multiculturalism & Immigration,” Roosh complains about areas like Langley Park, Maryland, which have been overrun by foreigners to the point that they become “unlivable for normal Americans.”

In fact, Roosh claims that his “family lives not far off” from Langley Park, and that whenever he visits them he notices that there are “more Hispanics and more Africans, particularly from Ethiopia and Somalia.” He connects the influx of non-white immigrants to decreasing property values and an uptick in crime rates, and goes on to condemn immigration as a “weapon” to be used against “native-born Americans” — a phrase he seems to be using without irony.

When liberals talk about diversity and multiculturalism, they do so from the comfort of their safe, gentrified, or mostly white neighborhoods. They certainly aren’t doing it from the confines of one of the many chicken shacks, dollar stores, and check cashing centers in Langley Park where most people aren’t fluent in English.

Understand that this is the logical end of multiculturalism. When someone preaches about immigration, this is what happens to a neighborhood after years of immigration and diversity programs. It is the introduction of foreign people in a city until it becomes unlivable for normal Americans.

I don’t know anyone who would voluntarily want to live here. My family lives not far off. And every time I visit them I notice that there are more Hispanics and more Africans, particularly from Ethiopia and Somalia.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who noticed because as the foreigners arrived in greater, American residents got fed up and left in droves to the exurbs to get away from them, since their arrival coincides with a decrease in property values, an increase in crime, and an uneasy feeling that you are no longer living in America.

Multiculturalism through immigration is not an accident and it’s not spontaneous. It’s sponsored and enabled by the U.S. federal government. Massive immigration is used by the government to destroy the social fabric and traditions of a country, setting up an effective divide-and-conquer strategy that makes you fearful, demoralized, weak, and distracted.

Immigration is a weapon used to weaken the strongest members of a society, its native-born citizens, so it’s harder for them to realize the crimes of their government and to gather the strength to fight back.

Open borders immigration is therefore an effective method of human control. This is why the government is on board with multiculturalism, and is actively displacing native-born Americans to make way for Third World immigrants.

Instead of encouraging Americans to have big healthy families, they’re bringing in foreigners instead who don’t even speak English.