Neo-Confederate Robert Stacy McCain Banned From Twitter

Robert Stacy McCain
Good riddance.

It seems that a few days ago, blogger and author Robert Stacy McCain found himself permanently suspended from Twitter. While it’s unclear so far as to what exactly triggered the suspension in the first place, what is known is that McCain is a longtime neo-Confederate and quasi-men’s rights activist who’s spent years voicing his anti-feminist, anti-choice, and white supremacist views on his blog, The Other McCain, and other websites.

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Roosh Valizadeh Breaks Up With the Alt-Right Movement

Roosh V Alt Right

After numerous articles railing against “degenerate” Jews, homosexuals, and non-white immigrants, his attendance at last year’s National Policy Institute conference, and his decision to allow white supremacist Paul Ramsey to write a guest article for Return of Kings, it seems that Roosh V’s flirtation with the Alt-Right is finally over.

And, like many break-ups, it’s pretty messy. Right from the get-go Roosh compares the Alt-Right movement to literally the worst thing he can think of: feminism. Continue reading “Roosh Valizadeh Breaks Up With the Alt-Right Movement”

FLASHBACK: Samuel Francis: Commercial Showing Interracial Romance is an ‘Act of Moral Subversion’


Today I’m posting not about something ridiculous from the present day. No, I’m changing it up to highlight an incredibly stupid Alt-Right moment from years back. (Yes, I’m hoping to make this a regular thing.) Today, in our first “Throwback Thursday,” we’ll take a look back to 2004 — a year full of regressive politics (they were the days when George W. Bush was in charge) — when a racy advertisement made racists lose their collective minds.

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Stormfront Users Predict That Donald Trump Will Usher in the ‘Fourth Reich’

Trump Coronation
An actual image taken from Stormfront.

White nationalists and other fringe racists have come out in droves to support Donald Trump, whose candidacy has been building steam since his victory in New Hampshire. Far-right figures like David Duke, Jared Taylor, Matthew Heimbach, Roosh Valizadeh, and Richard Spencer. Over at Stormfront, the world’s largest online white nationalist community, users have mainly been supportive — although every now and then there’s still grumbling over his opinions on Israel and the Jews.

In one very popular thread, Stormfronters declared Donald Trump to be a harbinger of a new Fourth Reich.

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Because Potato! A Look at Janet Bloomfield’s Twitter Feed


There’s plenty to say about Janet “JudgyBitch” Bloomfield. She smears prominent feminists with fake quotes. She’s a diehard Trump supporter. She isn’t exactly a talented writer. She’s against her own right to vote. But another fun fact is that the word “potato” is her favorite non-sequitur. Continue reading “Because Potato! A Look at Janet Bloomfield’s Twitter Feed”

Matt Forney: ‘Cultural Marxists’ Use Affirmative Consent Laws to ‘Undermine the Family Unit’


On the February 12, 2016 episode of his eponymous podcast, Matt Forney addressed the controversy surrounding Roosh Valizadeh’s aborted international meet-up, Donald Trump’s odds in South Carolina, and affirmative consent laws — which he believes are an attempt by the left to destroy white families. Continue reading “Matt Forney: ‘Cultural Marxists’ Use Affirmative Consent Laws to ‘Undermine the Family Unit’”