Vox Day: British TV Promotes ‘Mudsharking’

In a January 18th, 2016 post on his secondary blog Alpha Game, blogger/author Vox Day (a.k.a. Theodore Beale) wrote a post about black actor Idris Elba, who decried the lack of opportunities for black actors on British television.

Vox Day, a white supremacist in all but name, claimed that there “is no dearth of black actors on British TV.” However, he does believe there is a problem with race on British television — that being black actors who are cast as “the doting husband to their white wives in advertisements” as well as the “token fourth friend” in car advertisements. This evidently causes much grief for Vox Day, who wrote:

You can’t get away from it. I counted the other night and there were three commercials in a row, two for banks and one for McDonalds, and each of them featured an African man, none of whom were handsome enough to ever be considered for the role of James Bond, improbably married to white women who ranged from moderately cute brunette to very pretty blonde.

It’s less Hollywood that is aggressively pushing all the mudsharking than the ad industry. Of course, you very seldom see a white man with an Asian woman on TV, despite that being the most common interracial pairing by a considerable margin. In fact, one very seldom sees Arabs, Muslims, or Hispanics on British TV. And one doesn’t often see African women in commercials either, except as “black mother” or “the token fourth friend” in aimed at women.

There is no question that it’s not any sort of racial equality that is being advertised, but rather a very specific form of mudsharking. And there is nothing accidental about it.

The horror! Commercials featuring “an African man” married to attractive white women! That would have been positively scandalous if we lived in 1950’s Virginia. Bluster over “interracial pairing” in television ads aside, the term “mudsharking” (for those who don’t know) is a racial slur for a white woman who dates a black man.

One only visit forums like Stormfront to see the kind of folks who use such a term. Or, better yet, just view the comments on the post itself:

“Saw an ad just last night (can’t remember for what) showing a tent door being unzipped and revealing a white woman laying down next to a black man, camping with children and apparently all forming one big happy outdoors-adventuring family. Even more odd was the kids were all white too. Reminded me of on observation on Roissy’s site that mudsharking women are still solipsistic enough to want daughters who look like themselves, and how it’s a shiv if they have to comb out a mulatto daughters’ nappy hair. Perhaps the ad agencies recognize that too, and decided to go with a softer sell…” – Sir Thermite

“Females ever on the make to up themselves in the hierarchy, and frankly speaking the billions upon billions of dollars spent on giving us the impression of UberMandingo does not really return much on the investment. BLM, and perhaps the NFL itself are not helping to put the black man as hierarchy improvement, too bad.

Wait till genetic choice is available, the howls of despair will be biblical.” – Mr.MantraMan

“I don;t want to see blacks on the television I watch, period.

I want to see my race and culture, and not this anti-white coercive propaganda.

And I’m not watching anything that pushes this agenda.” – Cecil Henry

“The problem that Blacks have as lead actors is that the Cuck producers won’t hire them as heavies anymore because they are afraid of being called racist.

Playing a Heavy is pretty much the traditional route up the Hollywood ladder. It gives producers and audiences a chance to see if the guy has that on screen magic.

The last black actor to get that chance was Wesley Snipe.

Basically it’s reverse Racism.

Although in Elba’s case he just thinks it’s time to move up in world. If you are a British actor and want real money, you aren’t going to find it in Britain.” -Cataline Sergius

Congratulations Mr. Beale, you’ve managed to sink considerably lower.