Headlines — 1/30/16

Rep. Sally Kern (R-OK) wants to stop LGBT kids from finding proper therapists, conservative pundits use a dead white nationalist to explain the rise of Trump, Florida lawmakers want to ban abortion and more.

AlterNet – Oklahoma Republican wants to forbid suicidal LGBT kids from meeting gay-friendly therapists.
Hatewatch – Conservative pundits use white nationalist Sam Francis to explain Trump’s popularity.
TPM Livewire – Trump calls Cruz “an anchor baby in Canada.”
LGBTQ Nation – Anti-gay pastor James David Manning is about to lose his church.
Breitbart Unmasked – How hate, extremism were baked into the ‘patriot’ militia pie.
Jacobin – No, socialism isn’t just more government.
Feministing – Tying queer liberation to fighting Zionism.
Broadly – Backwards-ass Florida politicians want to put you in jail for abortion.
BuzzFeed News – Conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos starts “white men only” scholarship fund.