Headlines — 1/27/16

Citadel cadets are punished for dressing like Klansmen, Cliven Bundy responds to the arrest of his sons, data on Donald Trump’s racist supporters and more.

Little Bird – 62% of the people Donald Trump re-Tweeted this week follow multiple white supremacist accounts.
Think Progress – Dispatchers ignored 19-year-old’s emergency calls before police killed him.
Raw Story – Pittsburgh man guns down mother of three outside a bar after she rejects his advances.
Talking Points Memo – Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy calls the arrest of his sons a ‘total disaster.’
The Root – 14 Citadel cadets disciplined after caroling in KKK-style white hoods.
Jezebel – Should academics fear the manosphere?
BuzzFeed News – Donald Trump, in fight with Fox News, says he will skip the debate.