Headlines — 1/25/16

The anti-abortion activists behind the Planned Parenthood videos get indicted, Tennessee politicians want to make all marriage illegal, Whitesboro, NY decides to change its racist seal and more.

The Houston Chronicle – Harris grand jury indicts pair behind Planned Parenthood videos.
Think Progress – Tennessee lawmakers endorse bid to declare all marriage illegal in order to spite equality.
BuzzFeed News – Transgender athletes can now compete in Olympics without sex reassignment surgery.
Mashable – This chart shows what American women go through before an abortion.
Raw Story – Loincloth-clad Oregon militant challenges Chris Christie to a sumo match.
Talking Points Memo – Ted Cruz’s wife asked by radio host if she’s “sleeping with an immigrant.”
The Huffington Post – Whitesboro, N.Y. decides racist seal is a bad idea after all.