White Supremacist Radio Hosts Call Martin Luther King Jr. An ‘Anti-White Communist’

On the January 23, 2016 episode of the Political Cesspool, a popular white supremacist radio show, host James Edwards offered a belated take on Martin Luther King Day. Co-host Keith Alexander referred to King as a “plagiarist” and an “adulterer of gargantuan proportions” who “had three prostitutes in his room” the night before he was assassinated.

He added that King “supposedly ran naked through the corridors of a hotel in Sweden…and he was chasing white prostitutes down the hall” and was heard yelling “I’m effing for God.” Edwards interjected, calling King a “dumpy, five-foot-six, fat, greasy, white-hating Communist.”

Both Edwards and Alexander are mixing grains of truth with unverified smears against King, however. It is true that King likely plagiarized his doctoral dissertation and was a known womanizer. However there is no basis for the other, more bizarre claims.

At least as early as 2003 an email was circulated that similarly alleged that the late reverend “stole” his iconic “I Have a Dream” speech, accepted money from Communist organizations, and threw “drunken sex parties” at which he “would hire two to three white prostitutes, occasionally beating them brutally.”

According to Snopes, “most of the information” presented by the email was false and, therefore, “misleadingly denigrates the memory” of Dr. King. As the fact-checking website noted, FBI director J. Edgar Hoover considered King a “threat to white America” and “spent years trying to dig up and manufacture derogatory information about him in order to publicly discredit him and thereby neutralize his effectiveness as a civil rights leader.”

Indeed, the FBI went so far as to attempt to goad King into killing himself.

In spite of these claims being entirely without merit, Edwards alleged that this information was entirely true, and urged his listeners to visit martinlutherking(dot)org. That website, far from an impartial and reputable one, was actually created by Don Black, a former Klansman and founder of the white nationalist website Stormfront.

The pair moved on to blame the existence of Black Lives Matter on Martin Luther King, Jr. (Leftists have argued that the Black Lives Matter protests are an extension of King’s legacy, but for far different reasons.) “James, Martin Luther King is, nonetheless, is still portrayed as being a saintly, uh, just a quintessence of a role model for the American people,” Alexander complained. “And that, unfortunately, has a lot to do with the Black Lives Matter movement.”

His reasoning? Black males seem to “have problems relating to authority” — especially “police authority” — and Dr. King had been arrested numerous times. Alexander neglects to mention the role of organized white supremacy in the arrest of King and other civil rights protesters. Edwards, meanwhile, gave a hypothetical list of demands for Black Lives Matter activists.

“This is what Black Lives Matter is marching and tearing up cities for,” he said. “They want no police. They want white genocide. They want mandatory Oscar awards. And they want masters degrees upon birth.”

Edwards then condemned the Civil Rights Movement as having been about “not equal footing” between blacks and whites. “And I don’t have a problem with the most qualified scholar, the most qualified applicant, the most qualified whatever getting the position,” he claimed.

“I do have a problem with affirmative action, and quotas, and set-asides — very anti-white measures that are completely, completely sanctioned by the government and certainly the media just like King was.” Let me guess, James, you have plenty of black friends too, right?