Headlines — 1/23/16


A Georgia lawmaker unveils a dangerous new anti-gay bill, Daniel Holtzclaw is finally sentenced, a new study debunks right-wing myths about campus sexual assaults and more.

The New Civil Rights Movement – Anti-gay GOP state lawmaker unveils new, more dangerous weapon against LGBT rights.
BuzzFeed News – Charlotte Rampling calls Oscars boycott “racist to white people.”
Mother Jones – How Roe v. Wade survived 43 years of abortion wars.
Think Progress – Donald Trump retweets a Nazi-sympathizing white supremacist.
San Jose Mercury News – Former police officer Daniel Holtzclaw gets 263 years for rapes, assaults.
Media Matters – New study once again debunks right-wing media’s favorite myths about campus sexual assault statistics.
Raw Story – Arizona high schoolers ripped by black classmates over photo spelling racist slur with shirts.