Guillaume Faye: Muslim Immigration Will Cause the ‘Suicide’ of the White Race

Guillaume Faye.PNG

Last October the National Policy Institute — a white supremacist think tank — held its “Become Who We Are” conference in Washington, D.C. Several prominent White Nationalists and other far-right figures attended, including French writer Guillaume Faye, who gave a racist speech on immigration and Islam.

Guillaume offered an unofficial “diagnostic” of what is currently ailing white nations. Chief among the problems faced by white people is what he terms “ethno-masochism,” a “mental illness” suffered by whites which leads them to relax immigration laws and allow in refugees. Of course, Guillaume doesn’t believe that the current refugees from Syria are actual refugees. What France, Germany, and other European nations are experiencing is an “invasion” or “colonization.” Moreover, he asserted, some 80% of refugees from Syria and North Africa are, in fact, “false refugees.”

Guillaume trotted out the shopworn comparison between modern nations and the Roman Empire. He adds one caveat though: the Goths were white, whereas today’s “invaders” are non-white and “majority Muslims.”

According to Guillaume, there are three phenomena that are destroying the white race: immigration, abortion, and homosexuality. “You don’t need to be Mr. Einstein to understand…that these three phenomenons [sic] have the same roots and aims. Even if it is often unconscious,” he said. The goal, he claimed, is to “destroy the European, white, native ethnic stump by the two pincers of the crab.” Guillaume proclaimed that elites were “destroying the white birth rate” through the “gay homosexual and pro-abortion policy” and “organizing the invasion of [an] outside population.” All three phenomena are a form of “suicide.”