‘Return of Kings’ Columnist Wants To Create An ‘International Boarding School’

Over at Return of Kings, columnist Jean-Batave Poqueliche penned an article about his desire to create his own “international school” for, as the tag line says, “Forging the masculine young minds and the devoted women of tomorrow.”

Poqueliche wrote that a “debate is raging among us who want to have children about education,” with some being “strong partisans of homeschooling.” Poqueliche cannot imagine an education for his (hypothetical) “progeny” without “being with their peers,” but would never place them in “today’s toxic school system.”

His solution to this quandary is to send young children to the (not yet established) “ROK K-12 International Boarding School.” With regard to its Board of Education, he wrote:

The board is the supreme authority in matter of education and the choice of the subjects. Once fathers read our conditions and sign, they have no right to influence what we teach or not. We will closely monitor the child’s progress with them.

There will be no interventions by parents regarding our disciplinary procedures. We are the law. They can always choose another school. We insist on the fathers completing the education of their children at home as much as humanly possible.

Noticeably absent from this description is the role mothers will play in their children’s education. Instead, the fathers appear to have the final say in all matters, at least until they sign their children’s lives away.

Poqueliche also delves into the proposed curriculum, which will cover the usual topics of science, math, and foreign languages. Of course, being Return of Kings, it will also offer “compulsory” sports such as rugby, football, and basketball. At least, for the boys. The girls have gymnastics, equestrian sports, and dancing.

Oh and there’s this:

10. Game (for boys)

Neomasculinity, frame keeping, the history of the red pill, “zero fucks given” course, night game, day game and University game. Basics in dancing. Escalation 101 and body language studies. Dads are required to do their part at home.

11. Feminine values (for girls)

Cooking, being a good host, sewing, childcare, infant first aid, etiquette, child nutrition, manners, eloquence, household economy, how to behave and not to behave in society, the keys on being feminine, art class. No focus will be given on a hypothetical professional career. The school will focus on making future wives and mothers out of them.

A bit hard to take seriously the complaints of Red Pill men who deride Women’s Studies classes but who want to offer boys classes in picking up women and “neomasculinity.” And what kind of a course is “zero fucks given”?

They’ll also offer “Cultural and travel studies”:

This one is self-explanatory. Geography, civilizations, capitals, landscapes of the world etc. However, the school will not teach students everything. They will have to complete the study on their own. Our school will include a dedicated program of overseas excursions, to prepare our young minds to study abroad if they wish. Girls will not be allowed to study abroad.

Sorry, ladies. No careers and no travel either.

Poqueliche closes with an FAQ section, where he explains that the ROK Boarding School will shield your children from multiculturalism — a favorite bogeyman in far-right circles:

Q. Where will the school be situated?

A: In a country where school is not compulsory, or where we can use the local laws on home schooling to our advantage. There we can create and fund our school. It will be implanted in a land that respects traditional family values and models.

Q. Why should I choose the ROK school for my children?

A: The school will protect your progeny from the toxic influence of modern multicultural society. Our goal is to run in autonomy from the rest of the world while the child’s mind is still developing. After that, it is up to you.

He also explains the qualifications of the teachers for his hypothetical cult school:

Q: Who are the teachers?

A. Our method of recruitment for the best teachers available will be drastic and merciless. Main subjects will be taught by male teachers except the board-approved feminine activities teachers. Extracurricular activities can be taught by approved female teachers provided that they are capable, young, pretty, and feminine.

Yes, the best available teachers. Unless there’s a woman with expertise in math and science, in which case Poqueliche will relegate them to classes on “feminine activities.” But only if they’re hot, because that’s somehow a qualification.

My favorite part of this ridiculous proposal is the Q&A on what qualifies a child to attend this school:

Q. How does my child qualify for the school?

A: A long and thorough inquiry on the father will be lead by the board. The application reviewed by the board will be accepted or not based on the father’s criteria and interview, but also the physical and mental abilities of the child.

Q. Should the mother be present during the inquiry?

A: No, since the school’s kitchen will be closed during the father’s interview.

[Emphasis added]

Get it? They’re women, and women having to cook is funny. And if you send your child to the ROK Boarding School, he too can develop the wit and imagination of Poqueliche here. Which is to say, none at all.