RamZPaul Explains The Alt-Right In An Essay For Return Of Kings

In a January 5th, 2016 article for Return of Kings, white nationalist vlogger Paul Ramsey (better known as RamZPaul) defined the “alt-right” movement for the website’s legions of MRA and pickup artist fans.

Ramsey explained that, as a child, he was brought up in a fundamentalist Christian household. He was taught to believe in “Jesus, Israel, demons and The Rapture.” And he was taught that the world was “a scary place full of evil, demonic activity and sins,” and some of the greatest sins were “rock music and boys with long hair.”

The hippies, as he recalled, were the counter culture and fought against the “Establishment.” Today Ramsey views the alt-right as the counter culture, with PC liberals and traditional conservatives being stand-ins for the Establishment. “Jack Kerouac has become RAMZPAUL,” he wrote.

He explained the difficulty in defining what it means to be an adherent of the alt-right, writing that:

Part of the problem of defining an informal movement is that such an entity lacks precise boundaries. I think most of us have a mental image that comes to mind when we think of “hippie.” I think of some dude with long hair, wearing a tie dye T-shirt with a peace sign in one hand and a marijuana joint in the other. But does that description DEFINE a hippie? Could a man have short hair and be a hippie? Could a Republican be a hippie?

The same debate rages as to who is the “real” Alt Right. Can Christians be Alt Right? Can homosexuals? Jews? Bronies?

Like the hippie movement, it is impossible to make rigid definitions. However, the concept of Alt Right is useful in that it describes a certain political sub culture that is outside of the mainstream. To this end it can be useful to compare and contrast the Alt Right to more old school political movements.

Traditional conservatives believe in small government, low taxes, gun rights, abortion restrictions, etc. Folks in the alt-right, however, “primarily concerned with identity.”

Syrians that flood into Germany may become citizens but they will never be Germans. For a nation is based on a common blood, language and culture. Years ago this was known as self-determination and common sense. Now it is known as “WHITE SUPREMACY” by the left and establishment Republicans.

However, curiously, the one exception is Israel. Both the Democrats and the Republicans affirm the Israel has the right to remain a Jewish ethno-state.  As such, no Democrat or Republican politician is demanding that Israel accept Syrian refugees. But these same politicians insist that white countries have a moral obligation to accept endless refugees.

It has been something of a pastime for the globalists to excitedly predict when a country will no longer have a white majority. Germany will no longer have a white majority by 2020! The USA will no longer be White by 2030! The destruction of the white majority is always seen as inevitable and a good thing. And to oppose it means you are a “White Supremacist” or a “Nazi.”

But some people no longer want to be dispossessed from their homelands. And, yet, they also don’t want to exploit or harm other races. They just want self-determination for their people as the Jews have self-determination in Israel. These are the ideologically refugees that have migrated to the Alt Right.

He deliberately differentiated the alt-right movement from Neo-Nazis and other white supremacist groups, whom he mocks as “Hollywood Nazi styled groups.” Although he says that the existence of many of these groups might be part of a government conspiracy. Neo-Nazis such as Hal Turner, he reminds us, have been revealed to be informants for the government.

Finally, he circled back to the hippie comparison, reiterating that the alt-right is now the group fighting the Establishment, and added that “mainstream” conservatives like Ann Coulter and Donald Trump are now “tap[ping] into many Alt Right themes”:

The Hippies of the 1950s and 1960s were never a formal political movement. But the basic philosophy gave birth to organizations and influenced public policy. Hillary Clinton is basically a relic of the hippie generation. And they are now the establishment.

We on the Alt Right are the hippies of our time. We are the counter culture. And while we are not a formal organization we do have organizations such as American Renaissance (AmRen) and National Policy Institute (NPI) that represent many of our values. The primary of these values being self-determination for all people.

We are also starting to see mainstream pundits such as Ann Coulter and mainstream politicians such as Donald Trump tap into many Alt Right themes. As we continue to grow, we will see more famous people reject the globalism of the Democrats and Republicans and embrace nationalism.

The wheel will turn and we will one day regain the institutions and be the establishment. But for now, enjoy the creative freedom and fun of being part of the counter culture.

Peace and Love.