Paul Elam: Roosh Valizadeh Is ‘Full of Shit,’ And Pickup Artists Have An ‘Almost Sociopathic Attitude’

On the latest A Voice for Men podcast, Paul Elam and co-host James Huff took shots at pickup artists in general and Roosh Valizadeh in particular. The source of their ire? Comedian Jimmy Kimmel recently lampooned an ineffectual boycott of Star Wars: The Force Awakens by the folks at Roosh’s Return of Kings website, which Kimmel inaccurately labeled a “men’s rights” group.

Although both men’s rights activists and pickup artists share a hatred of feminism and all things female, they take umbrage at being lumped in with one another.

Elam summarized an article he read about the controversy, stating that, “One of the guys from Return of Kings — Roosh V’s now notorious website — and he had made the claim through a, a Twitter poll that their boycott of the new Star Wars movie had cost that franchise millions of dollars in lost revenue because of all the people that were not seeing it because they apparently didn’t like something about a woman hero and it wasn’t white enough for ’em.”

After mocking Roosh and his acolytes for the “devastating damage” they had done to Lucasfilm through their boycott, Elam revealed that Roosh responded to a Tweet of his calling the pickup artist “full of shit.” According to Elam, Roosh “came to me on Twitter and said, ‘Is Paul Elam brave enough to invite me on his anti-Roosh live chat tonight?,'” which he considered a “taunt to my machismo.”

Elam declined but told Roosh he could join him on next week’s podcast to defend himself.

Elam then began discussing the pickup artist community as a whole, admitting that he hadn’t paid attention to pickup artists until Roosh himself criticized men’s rightsers. “It wasn’t until I saw a video clip by Roosh in which he was saying that something about he would either give the guys in the men’s rights movement an ‘F’ or fire them, and saying that they were failures at what they were doing,” said Elam.

Drawing a distinction between both groups, Elam said that men’s rights activists, unlike pickup artists,  “do not subscribe to the idea that getting as much pussy as you can is the golden key to happiness.”

And while Elam noted that the ideology of men’s rights activists and pickup artists sometimes intersects (e.g., “understanding hypergamy, understanding women’s…psyche, understanding how they operate, understanding how men operate”), he nonetheless said that pickup artists exhibit what he termed a “feral, almost sociopathic attitude.” Needless to say, it will be interesting to hear Roosh’s rebuttal on the next podcast.