Incel Blogger Praises Mass Murderers James Holmes And Seung-Hui Cho

Over at Rants of an Incel, an involuntarily celibate blogger (who remains anonymous for good reason) decided to honor some unusual “heroes.” First is James Holmes, the orange-haired maniac who murdered twelve people and wounded seventy others at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises at a theater in Aurora, CO.

In an attempt to be philosophical, rantsofanincel wrote, “An incel walks the earth his entire life without even a single women acknowledging his existence, does said incel really exist?” I haven’t been this perplexed since someone asked me about the sound of one hand clapping.

He continued: “Now, how about if said incel gets frustrated, since not only did you deny him sex, a basic need, but you lied to him, you ridiculed him, you pushed him out, you bullied him,  you got him fired from his job.  So, since you took away everything said incel has to live for, as well as any investment in society, he goes and shoots up a theater for revenge.  Does said incel exist then?”

That, he said, is precisely what happened to James Holmes. While stressing that Holmes was “mentally ill, no doubt,” he speculated that this mental illness was caused by “men being denied sex.” He offers no proof, of course, but maintains that Holmes received no attention from women prior to the shooting but plenty of attention afterward.

Yes, killer groupies do exist, of course, but this in no way reflects women or men in general. This incel blogger, on the other hand, believes the existence of killer groupies is a “little inconvenient truth” that is “never mentioned” since it would “defile the image of women as being mythical little perfect angels, who can do no wrong.”

James Holmes, he wrote, “does exist” after the slaughter. “As for me, my anger getting worse, and my stoicism is staring to wane,” he complained, adding:

Also, I would like to get married, but I would have to exist first.  The cunt today gets to act as feral as it wants, engaging in hypergamy, cuckholding, denying men a life, ridiculing men in public who are undesirable, pushing them out, taking them to the cleaners, and there are no longer any ramifications for women to behave like this, in fact it is encouraged.  So the question is, why cant men act feral back, just like James Holmes did?

This individual is clearly unstable. He has no concept of how women act, painting them all with too broad a brush, and is attempting to justify the murder of twelve innocent men and women (not to mention the countless injuries and emotionally scarred family members and friends).

But it gets worse. In an earlier post from October, 2015, rantsofanincel chose to honor Virginia Tech killer Seung-Hui Cho, who mercilessly gunned down over thirty college students and wounded many others in 2007. Cho, like Holmes, was also mentally ill and should never have had the chance to fire a gun. To rantsofanincel, this mass murderer was a “hero” who was unjustly bullied by his peers, especially women:

So, you cunts thought it was cool to bully, push out, deny sex to, while rubbing your sexuality in his face.  Of course, what could a skinny little greasy asian [sic] loser nobody possibly do to fight back, besides it is so much fun to torture the creep.  Cho used to call himself the question mark kid, and I believe that it is because he did not exist to women.  The night before Cho went berzerk [sic], he tried to hire an escort, and not even she would have sex with him, and to add injury to insult, she would not give him back his money.  He should have started his spree right then and there with her.

Yes, the only problem rantsofanincel has is that Cho didn’t murder the supposed escort who refused to sleep with him. This is the first I’ve actually heard of this story as well, though rantsofanincel provides no links to any article on it. Even if it were true, Cho’s obvious personality disorders seem to be the overriding factor in his act of mass murder, not being refused sex by a prostitute.

rantsofanincel then claimed that women “know they are creating incel men on a mass scale” but “think it is funny.” He backs this up with the following anecdote:

Last night I end up in some random discussion with a couple I was sitting next to at a bar.  The guy asks me “Are you married?”.  I say “I would have to exist first”.  He had a very confused look on his face, but the instantaneous look of contempt on his wifes face indicated to me that she knew instantly what the deal was and then she proceeded to try and patronize the fuck out of me by saying “awww, thats too bad, have you tried eharmony?”  The cunt obviously thought that me being an incel was pretty funny.

Uh, if someone gave me that response to pretty much any question I’d look at him the same way. Deeply confused. And how was she supposed to “know” you were incel? What are the odds she even knows what that is? Then, rantsofanincel posted photos of Seung-Hui Cho and Alison Parker — the young news reporter at a CBS affiliate in Roanoke, VA — as she was murdered on live TV by a disgruntled former co-worker.

No, those photos aren’t funny. Not to me, and not to most people with a conscience. To rantsofanincel, however:

This cunt [Alison Parker] was the one who pushed out Vester Flanigan [sic] and helped to get him fired from his job.  I’ll bet that she thought that it was pretty funny.  As you can see in the above picture, she is not exactly laughing now.  I know I certainly laughed when I saw this, just like I did when I heard that Cho slaughtered like 20 of you cunts.  Society does not hold women accountable for their actions, but Cho did, plus he had the highest female body count ever.  It is too bad that they do not allow conjugal visits for killers in prison, if they did, and Cho were alive, he would be swimming in pussy.  Women from all over the world would be lining up throwing themselves at him with marriage proposals, love letters, naked pictures, gifts, money, and everything else you can think of.  Just like they are doing with James Holmes(another incel killer).  To all incels, it you are reading this, and are considering the next mass shooting, please only kill women.  Society does not care about men, and 1 woman is worth the life of 10 men.  Society considers us expendable, so lets act expendable, with a bang.

Yes, he says he laughed when he saw Parker murdered in cold blood, and upon hearing news of the Virginia Tech massacre. He advocates the mass murder of women because of his inability to get laid. Well, rantsofanincel, I’m going to go out on a limb and say I don’t think the problem is with women. The problem is entirely yours, you amoral creep.