Random Headlines — 1/03/16

Bill Cosby Arrest

Slate – Bill Cosby’s arrest on assault charges matters, even with his career in shambles.
Think Progress – Large group of armed militia members take over federal building.
The Salt Lake Tribune
– Utah-based dating site for white people doesn’t allow gay searches; polyamorous inquiries OK’d.
Media Matters – IA radio host Steve Deace is working overtime to drive Ted Cruz to victory in Iowa.
Raw Story – Copyright on Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf expires.
Right Wing Watch – Cruz courts Hagee, Dobson, Land and hundreds of other religious right leaders at Texas confab.
Salon – The real story behind the right’s phony war on political correctness.
The Hill – Justice Scalia says ‘don’t cram’ religious neutrality ‘down the throats of American people.’