Roosh Valizadeh: Gays Are ‘Degenerates’ Who Spread HIV And Marriage Equality Is ‘State-Sponsored Anal Sex’

Pickup artist Roosh Valizadeh has already made it abundantly clear that he hates the LGBT community. On his Return of Kings blog’s “About” section, he states that, “Women and homosexuals are strongly discouraged from commenting here.” He’s also proclaimed that gay men have no place in his ideology of “neomasculinity.”

Today, in a post* for RoK, Roosh warned his readership of the threat posed to heterosexual men by the scourge of “homosexual marriage.”

He began the article — rife with anti-gay stereotypes and prefaced with a picture of a rainbow flag adorned with a Nazi swastika — by claiming that marriage equality is “a full frontal attack on heterosexual men.” He also called it the prelude to “a degenerate march to persecute heterosexuals” while “acclimating young children to the homosexual lifestyle.”

Like many on the far-right, Roosh falsely claims that homosexuality is a “lifestyle” that is somehow taught to children:

Legalizing gay marriage is one phase of a degenerate march to persecute heterosexuals, both legally and socially, while acclimating young children to the homosexual lifestyle. The Supreme Court ruling in June 2015 allowing gay marriage doesn’t affect your life one hour, one day, or one month after, but it is part of a long war that will eventually criminalize or socially forbid certain aspects of heterosexual behavior at the same time it over-sexualizes young children in order to introduce them to homosexuality. I absolutely guarantee that your life will be negatively affected from the fallout of this ruling within a 5-10 year timespan.

Exactly how does same-sex marriage end in the criminalization of heterosexuality? Listen as Roosh plays scholar:

The reason for this is simple: the societal reorganization that is necessary to allow gay marriage automatically elevates homosexuals to a special class of citizenry. To hoist one class you must demote another, meaning that heterosexual men are by default the enemies and oppressors of homosexuals. It is a foregone conclusion that these oppressors, which includes both straight men and women, must be ordered to give tribute, benefits, and submission to the “victim” class. You will eventually kneel whether you like it or not.

Gays and lesbians have not been “elevat[ed]” to a “special class of citizenry.” The “special class” or “special rights” argument has been used by the religious right for decades now in an effort to frighten and anger the heterosexual majority into opposing LGBT rights.

The argument fails for the basic reason that the LGBT community is not and has never asked for anything their straight counterparts didn’t already have. Asking to be made equal under the law isn’t the same as being made special. Moreover, equal rights are not a zero sum game; same-sex marriage does not require, for instance, the prohibition of opposite-sex marriage.

Masculine and straight behavior will be more aggressively modified through social shaming and re-education in schools, where young boys will be enthusiastically taught the superiority of homosexual lifestyles and the shameful privilege of heterosexuals, especially concerning the types of relationships that lead to nuclear, stable families. In addition, straight men will be forced under the barrel of the state’s gun to pay taxes for the AIDS drugs of gays, their impulsive sex changes, their mental and medical treatments resulting from sleeping with hundreds of partners, and also the salaries of politicians that continue to vote against traditional family values and basic morality standards. Your tax money already goes to Planned Parenthood and pharmaceutical companies to sterilize the female population so what’s a few more billion more to empower gays to continue their bathhouse behavior?

Roosh is trafficking in baseless scare tactics that will only work on the most paranoid and gullible readers. Most straight people know someone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. They know that gay couples have families as stable as straight couples’; that heterosexuals contract HIV/AIDS as well; and that gays and lesbians don’t have “hundreds of [sexual] partners.”

Roosh, being the unabashed hypocrite that he is, neglects to mention that his entire career — pickup artistry — was built upon promiscuity.

Roosh Homophobia
Return of Kings: A website for laughably insecure men.

Roosh also pushes an unfounded assertion that gay men will be treated better than straight men in family court. “I’m also certain that gays will be exempt from dystopian divorce laws,” wrote Roosh. “Men’s rights activists genuinely think that allowing gays to marry will somehow put the spotlight on straight men getting raped in courts by women, but nothing of the sort will happen.”

Instead, same-sex marriages “will be dissolved in an equal manner right down the middle while straight men will continued to be screwed by the system.”

Then, after expressing his disgust for a German pride parade (Roosh writes that “half-naked men under the influence of alcohol and drugs were dancing and humping each other like they were in a nightclub”) Roosh channels his inner Fred Phelps, referring to gay men as “degenerates who are spreading HIV to the general population” and calling same-sex marriage “state-sponsored anal sex”:

Within all the work, school, or co-ed social groups you’re a member of, denigrating the nuclear family or masculinity will not get you ostracized or fired. You can make a comment about “toxic masculinity” at work and not get written up by human resources. You can make fun of “lame pick up artists” in your co-ed social circle and get pats on the back. But what happens if you say that homosexuals are degenerates who are spreading HIV to the general population? What happens if you say gay marriage is state-sponsored anal sex? What happens if you say that children should be raised in a nuclear family? You already know the answer. It won’t be long until you will be forced to declare your allegiance to the homosexual lifestyle to retain your job, to pretend that you’re a believer in social justice just to keep bread on the table.

“Even more sinister,” he said, is that “the homosexual agenda aims to convert children by sexualizing them at a young age.” He blames the media for this since it depicts gays and lesbians as having normal lives as opposed to being trapped in a “disease-ridden cesspool of drugs and medical horrors.” Then he reached for the ultimate anti-gay canard: gays and child predators are one in the same:

Child abuse and pedophilic sex rings will skyrocket, but I hope you’re not expecting this abuse to be covered by the media. Instead, they will push fantastical new rape hoaxes that try to portray straight men as evil. Crimes by homosexuals will be not be pursued or publicized while false crimes done by heterosexuals will be manufactured. Homosexual crimes won’t even be properly recorded by government bureaucrats—statistics on abuse will conveniently stop recording the family makeup of the abuse victim once it becomes clear that homosexuals perform abuse at greater rates than heterosexuals. You just need to close your eyes and remember homosexuals “love” just like heterosexuals.

Oddly enough Roosh is fine with rape in the abstract, so long as its perpetrated against women on private property. And of course he can’t help but end his post with more factual distortions about the supposed promotion of pedophilia:

The dust from gay marriage hasn’t even settled before the establishment has begun forcing transsexual acceptance down our throats with ABC, ESPN, and Starbucks leading the charge. The media has also started attempts to promote pedophilia as a reasonable alternative lifestyle. While I don’t even want to think of what comes next, I do know that if this degenerate march is not halted, we will see a complete inversion of American society where most masculine behaviors are made illegal and the traditional family becomes a relic of the past. Homosexual marriage will only embolden the degenerate forces that have power in America today. Unless they are stopped, I fear great catastrophe, not only for us men, but the country itself.

Actually the articles that Roosh links to (from the New York Times and Salon respectively) were written to draw a distinction between people who have a pedophilic disorder and people who actually act upon those urges, harming young children in the process. That is, the difference between thoughts and actions.

It is also not part of a concerted media effort to legitimize pedophilia as a “reasonable alternative lifestyle” and, at any rate, has no connection to same-sex marriage.

In other words, no, same-sex marriage will not affect your life in a negative way. It won’t make us straight folks into second-class citizens or criminalize our behavior. Sure there are creepy people who harass, intimidate, or threaten women — their conduct is rightly condemned and punished. Though even those creeps can enjoy a career as a prolific blogger — Roosh Valizadeh is a testament to that.

*The post was originally written in October, 2015, but was shared today on RoK.