Paul Elam and Janet Bloomfield Suggest Accusing Innocent Women of Rape; Accuse Dave Futrelle of Wanting to Murder MRAs

Paul Elam

On yesterday’s A Voice for Men podcast, Paul Elam, Janet Bloomfield (real name Andrea Hardie) and James Huff discussed the possibility of a gender neutral Selective Service policy, lawsuits against universities by male students accused of rape, and, in the most unbelievable segment, their accusation that feminist blogger Dave Futrelle is somehow trying to get men’s rights activists killed.

After a segment mocking college rape victims (Bloomfield sarcastically said they ought to be placed in a padded room with crayons), Elam expressed his delight that campuses were becoming the targets of lawsuits by young men accused of rape. “I’m just gonna say I’m glad colleges are getting their asses sued off,” he said triumphantly.

Bloomfield, who also goes by the name JudgyBitch, agreed, and said she hopes one day a Harvard MBA is able to sue for “a billion dollars.” She also suggested, as have other MRAs, that men take advantage of affirmative consent laws by accusing innocent women of rape. “Make her prove that she asked permission to put your penis in her mouth. If she can’t prove she asked for that, she’s a rapist. Nail her ass to the wall,” said Bloomfield.

Elam: All I can say…I don’t have a lot of comment [sic] on this story, guys, tell you the truth. I’m just gonna say I’m glad the colleges are getting their asses sued off.

Bloomfield: Yeah, same here. Somewhere I read that seventy percent of all insurance payments paid out by universities last year went to male students wrongly accused of sexual abuse. Like, every insurance payment that a university paid — the janitor tripped, uh, the chalkboard fell off and crushed someone — it was, it was, it was seventy percent were paid out because the payments are so huge, even when they’re not disclosed. You kick an engineer out of his program and you’re on the hook for millions.

Elam: Yup. And it’s just getting started.

Bloomfield: Yeah. Wait till we get someone from Harvard. Let me see a Harvard MBA get wrongfully accused and kicked out by one of these kangaroo courts. We’re talkin’ a billion dollars. A hedge fund manager? They blew up his career? It’s…ah, I just can’t wait for it. And honestly these laws are gender neutral. Guys, guys, you’ve gotta start charging women with rape. Make her prove that she asked permission to put your penis in her mouth. If she can’t prove she asked for that, she’s a rapist. Nail her ass to the wall. Now the good news for universities is that the payout for these chicks won’t be that big. I mean, how much do you earn as a gender studies major?

Elam: (laughter) Well, I, I would say you could roughly pay for it in value meals.

Bloomfield: Yeah.

Elam then turned to the controversy surrounding Cassie Jaye and her forthcoming film The Red Pill. Jaye, at one point a self-described feminist, has received major financial backing for her “documentary” from men’s rightsers (especially from AVfM) as well as publicity from the right-wing website Breitbart.

Evidently expecting that The Red Pill will be a fawning look at the men’s rights movement, Elam lavished praise on Jaye’s cinematic prowess. (Elam refers to her as an “award-winning filmmaker” and an “extraordinarily good and competent filmmaker.”) Elam then set his sights on his target: We Hunted the Mammoth blogger Dave Futrelle, whom Elam referred to as a “pig.”

According to Elam, Futrelle “started a smear campaign against” Jaye because he’s a secret misogynist who believes women are “incompetent idiots that need to be told what to do by feminist men in order to have a purpose in life.” Futrelle’s crime was, apparently, issuing an open letter to Jaye warning her of the dangers of working with unstable individuals like Elam.

He also pointed out that, despite what several media outlets have said, Jaye never received an award from the Festival de Cannes, but rather from the Cannes Independent Film Festival — an event seen largely as a knockoff of the original Festival de Cannes. Needless to say, any accusation of misogyny on Paul Elam’s part is about as credible as accusations of racism by neo-Nazis.

Elam then ludicrously asserted that Futrelle is, somehow, trying to get men’s rights activists murdered, per the podcast’s title, “David Futrelle: Trying to Get MRHAs Killed.” His proof? An anonymous individual on Twitter doxxed fellow MRA Jack Barnes, publishing information about his family, including his young daughter — a move that, of course, is slimy and despicable — and Futrelle has not yet condemned the anonymous person’s actions. That’s all.

Evidently viewing it as irrelevant that Futrelle has never supported doxxing opponents, or using violence against anyone, including MRAs and their families, Elam accuses him of “trying to paint a threat narrative about MRAs” that will, in turn, prompt “some psychopath out there…to go out an harm one of us.”

Of course there’s no evidence that Futrelle was in on any doxxing scheme, or that he approves of this behavior, or that he’s engaging in any behavior that could harm others. Furthermore, it’s an interesting accusation to hurl for a man who once told a woman that “the idea of fucking your shit up gives me an erection” and who gleefully went along with the (botched) doxxing of a woman who supposedly disposed of male applications at a university admission’s office.

Elam: Uh, Cassie Jaye, award-winning filmmaker — extraordinarily good and competent filmmaker — has made a movie about, uh, the men’s movement featuring mainly people — a lot of people, anyway — from, from A Voice for Men. The filming culminated at the, uh, International Conference on Men’s Issues in Detroit, uh, with that backstory behind it. And, uh, David Futrelle was talking to Cassie Jaye, he wanted to be a part of this thing and as long as he thought he was gonna get his little fifteen minutes of fame there, and have a chance to come on and tell lies about the MRM, he was all for it. And, when it turns out she did not use him, apparently, quickly enough, he got mad. And then when he…she came out with her trailer, which shows that she is actually gonna produce a, a very balanced perspective, uh, about the two different camps between feminism and men’s rights activism, he went ballistic.

And he started challenging her credentials and, uh, started a smear campaign against her. Uh, uh, she termed it as a misogynistic campaign and I totally agree, uh, that that’s exactly what he did because, as we all know, you scratch a male feminist and you will find a misogynist underneath every time. It is not most of the time, it is not part of the time. Every time, you find men that think women are, are, are incompetent idiots that need to be told what to do by feminist men in order to have a purpose in life, and David Futrelle is showing that in full color.

Well this developed into something else. Uh, part of David’s smear campaign, uh, he, uh…Jack Barnes and I wrote an article together — Jack actually wrote it, I just did a lot of editing so we agreed on a byline, uh, for, a shared byline for the two of us — challenging David’s assumptions, pointing out where David was in fact lying about a lot of things. And, um, next thing you know, David’s silent about it and uh, just a very few days — couple of days later — some asshat on Twitter comes out and doxxes Jack. Posts pictures of his family. Mentions his daughter by name. And keep in mind Jack’s an over the road truck driver. He’s like a thousand miles from home when this hits him.

Uh, this is pathetic. Absolutely uncalled for. And I believe that David Futrelle knows what’s going on. I believe this was ex…his exact intent, and as a matter of fact, that gave us the title for this program tonight: “David Futrelle: Trying to Get MRHAs Killed.” And I think that’s exactly what he’s trying to do. He’s trying to paint a threat narrative about MRAs that is so egregious, so terrible, so threatening, that some lunatic out there who has a little bit more than Twitter in his arsenal is gonna decide that he needs to rescue all the good women of the western world from the evil, terrible MRAs who hate them. And I do believe he will succeed. I don’t think that’s gonna happen with Jack’s case. Uh, Jack’s family’s taken care of. I pity anybody that tries to do something there. But I do believe very much that David Futrelle’s intent in demonizing and ca…and creating a threat narrative is that he wants to provoke some psychopath out there that will do what David Futrelle does not have the guts to do but wants to very badly: to go out and harm one of us because he thinks it’s saving women.