Alex Jones Warns Listeners of the Plot to Push Interracial ‘Cuckolding’ on Children

Alex Jones

Alex Jones is at it again. On the Halloween edition of his InfoWars broadcast, the Austin, Texas-based radio host/conspiracy theorist launched into a demented tirade against a supposed brainwashing plot by Nickelodeon to indoctrinate children with pro-interracial cuckolding propaganda. The subject of Jones’ ire was the children’s sitcom Bella and the Bulldogs, a show about a young, female football player that has nothing to do with sexual fetishes.

Of course that didn’t stop paranoid reactionaries like Matt Forney or Paul Joseph Watson — the latter of whom Jones relied upon for his story — from spotting a racially-tinged conspiracy in the works.

After getting in a couple digs at the LGBTQ community (referencing a Gore Vidal film with a “tranny” character who raped men, and sermonizing about gays discussing their sex lives), Jones railed against the “ultimate perversion” of pushing “sex stuff” onto children.

Watch it here: