Random Headlines — Je suis un parisien

We stand with France.
We stand with France.

The Washington Post – String of Paris terrorist attacks leaves over 120 dead.
Think Progress – In response to Paris, Ted Cruz calls for airstrikes with more “tolerance for civilian casualties.”
BuzzFeed News – White supremacists are thrilled Donald Trump mentioned “Operation Wetback.”
Mother Jones – The War on Women is over — and women lost.
Refinery29 – Cop on trial for assaulting 13 black women gets all-white jury.
Media Matters – New Fox News host has track record of poor-shaming, sexism, and transphobia.
The Daily Beast – Inside Virginia’s creepy white-power wolf cult.
Hatewatch – Meet the anti-LGBT hate group that filed an amicus brief with the Alabama Supreme Court.
Mondoweiss – US and Israel try to rewrite history of UN resolution that declared Zionism is racism.
Raw Story – Utah judge reverses decision to remove baby from lesbian foster parents.

Far-Right Exploits Terrorist Attacks on Paris

Paris Attack 2015

Tragic news out of France today. Several gunmen and suicide bombers launched gruesome attacks in the city of Paris, killing an estimated 100 people according to the most recent news reports. Already social media is flooded with statements of solidarity. President Obama condemned the attacks “an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians” at a press conference this evening, and characterized them as not just attacks on Paris, but attacks on “all of humanity and the universal values we share.” This coordinated assault on French society is horrific and heartbreaking. I can safely say that all civilized people stand with the people of France in such a trying time. Continue reading “Far-Right Exploits Terrorist Attacks on Paris”

Bernard Chapin Rails Against Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and His Gender-Equal Cabinet

Bernard Chapin

In a recent video posted to his YouTube channel, far-right videoblogger Bernard Chapin voiced his displeasure with newly sworn-in Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau, who defeated the notoriously Islamophobic Stephen Harper, made headlines with his choice of cabinet — roughly half of which is made up of women. Utilizing the same tactics used by opponents of affirmative action, Chapin asserted that Trudeau’s cabinet members were wholly unqualified for the job. Continue reading “Bernard Chapin Rails Against Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and His Gender-Equal Cabinet”

Random Headlines — 11/09/15

University of Missouri Protest

Salon – Mizzou’s boycott victory can’t be dismissed as just another ‘campus p.c. culture’ controversy.
Media Matters – Rush Limbaugh says the University of Missouri president resigned for ‘committing the crime of being a white male.’
Right Wing Watch – Newt Gingrich says Congress must block protections for transgender students.
Truthout – Conservatives abandon children in need while forcing women to have children.
Think Progress – The devious new conservative plan to turn LGBT people against each other.
KIRO Seattle – Former pastor says red cups means Starbucks ‘hates Jesus.’
AmericaBlog – Ben Carson’s ‘proof’ for story about hoax psychology exam is literally parody.

Paul Elam and Janet Bloomfield Suggest Accusing Innocent Women of Rape; Accuse Dave Futrelle of Wanting to Murder MRAs

Paul Elam

On yesterday’s A Voice for Men podcast, Paul Elam, Janet Bloomfield (real name Andrea Hardie) and James Huff discussed the possibility of a gender neutral Selective Service policy, lawsuits against universities by male students accused of rape, and, in the most unbelievable segment, their accusation that feminist blogger Dave Futrelle is somehow trying to get men’s rights activists killed. Continue reading “Paul Elam and Janet Bloomfield Suggest Accusing Innocent Women of Rape; Accuse Dave Futrelle of Wanting to Murder MRAs”

Alex Jones Warns Listeners of the Plot to Push Interracial ‘Cuckolding’ on Children

Alex Jones

Alex Jones is at it again. On the Halloween edition of his InfoWars broadcast, the Austin, Texas-based radio host/conspiracy theorist launched into a demented tirade against a supposed brainwashing plot by Nickelodeon to indoctrinate children with pro-interracial cuckolding propaganda. The subject of Jones’ ire was the children’s sitcom Bella and the Bulldogs, a show about a young, female football player that has nothing to do with sexual fetishes. Continue reading “Alex Jones Warns Listeners of the Plot to Push Interracial ‘Cuckolding’ on Children”

Random Headlines — 11/01/15

Credit: AP Photo/Evan Vucci
Credit: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Hatewatch – Willis Carto, longtime anti-Semite and Holocaust denier dies, aged 89.
RH Reality Check – Judge orders Alabama to reinstate Planned Parenthood Medicaid funding.
Vox – Why Republicans like Ben Carson love comparing abortion to slavery.
The Huffington Post – White Nationalists gather on Halloween to discuss how oppressed they are.
The Hill – Will the Roberts court abolish capital punishment?
Raw Story – Arkansas pastor declares women have no right over their own bodies.
Bustle – Women ask men about birth control and reveal just how little they know about it.
The Courier-Journal – Kentucky voters split on removing Kim Davis.