Richard Spencer and Kevin MacDonald Discuss ‘White Genocide’

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Today a group of well-known white supremacists is gathering at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The conference, titled “Become Who We Are: The Identity and Spirit of Our People,” promises lectures by the nation’s leading racists, including men’s rights sympathizer Jack Donovan, ex-Klan lawyer Sam Dickson, retired California State University, Long Beach professor Kevin MacDonald, and National Policy Institute founder Richard B. Spencer.

Spencer was described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “a suit-and-tie version of the white supremacists of old, a kind of professional racist in khakis.”

On October 24, 2015, two of these speakers, MacDonald and Spencer, appeared on the white supremacist Radix Podcast — a media outlet founded by Spencer. The pair discussed — what else — Jewish intellectuals and the decline of the white race, a phenomena the duo referred to as “extinction” and “genocide.”

Spencer asked MacDonald, author of the anti-Semitic tome Culture of Critique (a favorite of pickup artist Roosh Valizadeh), what he thought of Jewish influence on anthropology. Spencer said he believed there were other factors at work, such as “the white population” having “abdicat[ed] its authority.”

MacDonald, in turn, agreed about the “white race” letting its guard down, but said it was “far, far more the Jews” who “strongly identified as Jews” who were to blame for the “fall of Anglo-America.” If it weren’t for them, he reasoned, whites would still be able to discuss racial supremacy and racial differences without fear of retaliation or ridicule.

Spencer: Do you, do you think Jewish influence was a decisive factor, um, just, just in the sense of what…that you were mentioning there? It, it wasn’t just one movement. There, there seemed to be a, a whole host of different things. There’s Frankfurt School’s kinda post-Marxism. Uh, Stephen Jay Gould was a kind of, you know, sunny-side-up public intellectual who would talk about baseball and jazz music and all this kind of Americana and things like that. Uh, but he, but he also identified to some degree with socialism. Um, or, or do you think there were, there were other factors, because obviously, you know, it, it wasn’t just, uh, you know, uh, a matter of antagonism by, by Jews. There was…the other factor was that the, you know, the white population seemed to abdicate its authority.

MacDonald: Yes it certainly did. And, and, um, the, the, uh, most important book on this, I think, is, is Eric Kaufmann’s book on the, the Rise and Fall of Anglo-America. Now in that book he attributes the fall of Anglo-America to a sort of combination of Jews and WASPs sort of agreeing that cosmopolitanism was the way to go. And I, I have an extended argument with him about that, I, I think that it was far, far more the Jews who were strongly identified as Jews. Um…if you look at, at the people around Partisan Review, if you look at Stephen Jay Gould, if you look at the Frankfurt School, [Franz] Boas, all these people, very strongly identified as Jews and [were] very clear that they didn’t want the idea that, that, uh, there was this…Any, any possibility, any even discussion of, of racial superiority by, by Europeans.

Um, but that was, you know, it went far beyond racial superiority. Any kind of racial identity and even the existence of race as a concept. Um, and emphasizing cosmopolitanism and, and, you know, immigration from all peoples as a sort of moral imperative, you know, that, that went beyond the interests of the United States. The interests of the United States were not important. Th-this is explicitly stated not only by Jewish organizations but by Jewish intellectuals like Sidney Hook, uh, the Partisan Review crowd, all, all, all on page with that.

This was in the 1940s. Um, so, it’s been a full-court press and, and my view is that there certainly were WASPs that went along with this. Uh, one good example is, um, John Dewey, um, the educator, uh, who is very much on the left — but he’s also very promoted by, by Jewish interests. In other words, these people made alliances with, with willing non-Jews, as they always have, and they still do. We see this all the time.

The pair delve into what they believe to be the most pressing issue of the day: the possibility of white “extinction.” Spencer asked MacDonald what the prospects would be for such an event, and MacDonald’s reply was predictably gloomy. Folks don’t want to think about “white genocide” because they believe it to be “absurd.”

Although he believes white males are “doing pretty well” in the U.S. — an understatement if I’ve ever heard one — he believes that white America’s Achilles heel is our policy of “admitting millions and millions of non-whites” into this and other predominantly white countries. “And if your group is not reproducing” and is “giving up territory to people who are reproducing” the result is that your group will become “a smaller and smaller percentage of that population”, he warned.

Spencer: What are the prospects for an extinction of a race? Um, and a race that continues to contract, or a race that just continues to degenerate? Um, what, what are…Let’s go there —

MacDonald: Yeah.

Spencer: — to these kind of dark subjects.

MacDonald: It’s a dark place. And, and um, when you mention…you talk about white genocide and so on, to most people they just [sic] eyes glaze over and they, they don’t wanna think about it, they think it’s an absurd thing. Uh, I mean I was in Washington, D.C. recently, went to the House of Representatives, you look out there, all these white males with power. You know, in a way we’re doing pretty well. But, but at the same time we’re admitting millions and millions of non-whites into these countries. They have higher birthrates. Well, what’s the, what’s the big story of evolution? It’s differential fertility! It’s the whole story! It’s the whole name of the game!

And, and, and you have to think about what’s it gonna be like, not in fifty years but in a thousand years. You know, ’cause evolution is been [sic] goin’ on for eons, you know? You know, the, the uh, extinction of the dinosaurs sixty-five million years ago. We can’t even comprehend that in our brains.

But you have to think about the very long term future. And if your group is not, is not reproducing and it’s giving up territory to people who are reproducing, well, you’re gonna become a smaller and smaller percentage of that population. Your political power’s gonna go down, um, and ultimately I, I, I’m very concerned about victimization. I mean, I, if you’re a biologist, an evolutionist, you look at the world, ethnic conflicts are the norm throughout human history. You know, Germans and Poles can’t get along, how’re blacks and whites gonna get along in America? Asians and Mexicans…You know, there’s gonna be conflict. There already is conflict. And we’re gonna be victimized as we be…as we lose political power, and it’s gonna be more and more obvious.