Heartiste Wonders Whether Mass Murderer Chris Harper-Mercer was an ‘Islamist Foot Soldier’

Chris Harper Mercer

White supremacist pickup guru Heartiste weighed in on the horrific massacre at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College last Monday, and helped spread the baseless rumor that the killer, 26-year-old Christopher Harper-Mercer, was a secret Muslim.

He has precisely no evidence to draw this conclusion, but Heartiste nonetheless drew a connection between the stabbing of Alex Skarlatos — an Umpqua Community College student who helped thwart a terrorist attack on a French train — and the recent massacre.

“Did the Umpqua shooter, Chris Harper-Mercer, think Skarlatos would be in class on the day he committed his murders?” asked Heartiste. “I’m wondering, was Mercer an Islamist foot soldier, exacting revenge for the beatdown a fellow jihadist suffered on that French train at the hands of American men? Or was Mercer an unwitting patsy guided by secretive Islamist forces into an act of terror by redirecting Mercer’s autistic, omega male rage?” Somehow I’m guessing “None of the Above” is the answer here.

As has been detailed in news reports, the gunman was a self-described “conservative” who loathed organized religion in general and specifically marked Christians for death during the shooting. He was also, bizarrely, a fan of the Irish Republican Army, a brutal, Catholic terrorist organization. With a black mother and white father, he listed himself as “mixed race” on his dating profiles but had white supremacist leanings. A contradictory mess, but no evidence of being an “Islamist foot soldier.”

Still, this wasn’t the first time Heartiste speculated about Harper-Mercer. In an earlier post Heartiste called him “mystery meat, half black-half white” as well as a “moonpie.” He referred to Harper-Mercer’s parental situation as “an interesting twist on the usual miscegenation patterns” since he was raised by his black mother and not his white father.

As for his love of Nazi paraphernalia, Heartiste asked, “Why would a milk chocolate moonpie identify with White racial consciousness?” His answer, he said, “calls to mind another moonpie with daddy issues: President Butt Naked Obama.”*

Both men had no-show biological dads growing up, except Butt Naked’s dad was black. The psychology of men during their formative years is irretrievably warped by the absence of a father. This tendency is amplified for mixed race outcasts who will never have it as easy fitting in as monoracial kids, (another good reason to avoid having mystery meats). What happens then is the boy grows into a man who struggles with his identity. This struggle compels him to either completely reject the father as a presence in his mental and emotional universe…


…to embrace the missing father and “force” an identification with him. The son will undertake preternatural “missions of the mind” to locate within himself what he imagines are the resonances and reverberations of his absent father’s spirit. He will spend his life constantly searching for the soul of his missing father, in big and small ways, even as he tells himself and others that his absent biological father is a footnote in his life.

If his absentee father was black, like Obama’s, the mixed race creation will come to identify with all things black, in worldview and emotional connection, if not in cultural accouterments. His white mother will recede in significance to him. If his father was white, like Mercer’s, he will seek the most material manifestations of “whiteness” as his guide to grounding himself into something larger than his airy atheism and brooding “anti-sheeple” solitude. He hopes, through a psychological osmosis, that carrying what he infers would be the banner of his distant father will lift him from his mixcel loneliness.

Messy, racist armchair psychology at its worst. Though Heartiste isn’t quite finished yet. He went on to pin the blame for mass murders on all the evils (in his mind) of the world: “Over time, and given enough societal support and justification, social calamities like single mommery [sic], incel, porn, feminism, equalism, self-esteemism [sic], miscegenation, irreligiousness, sexual and social atomization from a nation rapidly fracturing along the fault lines of antagonistic Diversity™, and oligarchism resulting in mass wealth inequality WILL germinate more lone killers.”

Again, he has no proof that these things — a list of buzzwords and phrases he hates — cause these lone wolf attacks, but it certainly never stopped Heartiste before.

*Is it me or are Obama haters just getting lazier with their racial slurs?