Flashback: Roosh Valizadeh Says Canadian Feminists are ‘Islamophobic’

Roosh V Islamophobia

Here’s a nice throwback to when pickup artist Roosh Valizadeh returned from his unsuccessful trip to Canada, where he gave lectures on a half-baked philosophy he calls “neomasculinity.” Seemingly stunned by the intense opposition to his arrival in Canada — despite having coyly admitted to raping an intoxicated woman in Iceland and calling for the legalization of rape on private property — Roosh formulated his own theory as to why people hate him so much: Islamophobia. To hear Roosh tell it, his feminist (and other) critics simply hate him for having been raised by a conservative, Muslim father and for (supposedly) incorporating Islamic beliefs into his misogynist teachings. Continue reading “Flashback: Roosh Valizadeh Says Canadian Feminists are ‘Islamophobic’”

Random Headlines — 10/26/15

Black Lives Matter Palestinians

We Hunted the Mammoth – YouTube skeptic Thunderf00t unleashes an online hate mob against a critic.
CounterPunch – Black churches are burning again.
Think Progress – After students vote to take it down, Ole Miss will no longer fly state flag.
The Electronic Intifada – Israeli settlers want New York police tactics in Jerusalem.
Media Matters – GOP politicians, right-wing media to attend global anti-LGBT hate group conference in Utah.
PinkNews – Germaine Greer says ‘lop[ping] off your dick’ and ‘wear[ing] a dress doesn’t make you a fucking woman.’
Talking Points Memo – Shocking videos show officer flip desk, drag high school girl across floor.
The Guardian – Chris Christie says Black Lives Matter is calling for the ‘murder of police.’
Indianapolis Star – FBI hate crime probe launched in Indiana University student attack.

August Løvenskiolds: ‘Extreme Feminist Hostility to Men on Campus’ is Difficult to Survive

Stop persecuting MRAs!

In an article for A Voice for Men, men’s rights activist August Løvenskiolds offered college-bound men some advice on how to survive life on campus. Yes, survive. Løvenskiolds writes that because of pervasive anti-male bias, it truly is a matter of survival if you’re a male university student. In the article, entitled “Just survive somehow: A guide for college men”, Løvenskiolds wrote — in complete seriousness, mind you — that the “extreme feminist hostility to men on campus makes college a minefield for everyone, students, faculty and administration alike.” Continue reading “August Løvenskiolds: ‘Extreme Feminist Hostility to Men on Campus’ is Difficult to Survive”

Random Headlines — 10/25/15


Time Magazine – How British suffragettes radicalized American women.
New Statesman – What did the suffragette movement in Britain really look like?
The Advocate – Liberty Counsel demands AP retract Kim Davis story calling it a ‘hate group.’
LGBTQ Nation – Showdown in Houston over LGBT non-discrimination ordinance.
Truthout – New survey uncovers the experiences of LGBTQ prisoners.
Raw Story – Ben Carson opposes abortion for rape victims while comparing them to ‘slave owners.’
The Independent – ‘Neo-Nazi plot to attack refugee center with explosives and knives’ foiled by police in Germany.
NY Mag – The man who defends men accused of campus rape.
BuzzFeed News – The man who helped invent pickup artist culture now sees it as ‘hateful.’

Random Headlines — 10/16/15

Pro-Choice Protest

The Atlantic – The man behind the aborted-fetus signs.
Salon – Rand Paul’s disgraceful solution to LGBT workplace discrimination: Stay in the closet.
Mediaite – RNC Chair Reince Priebus: We’re ‘cooked as a party’ if we don’t win in 2016.
The Huffington Post – Georgia Tech frat punished after members allegedly used racial slurs.
BuzzFeed News – California anti-abortion pregnancy centers fight to block reproductive fights information law.
Hatewatch – American racists work to spread ‘identitarian’ ideology.
Right Wing Watch – Diana West claims that feminism helped lead to gang rape and the death of Western civilization.

Jim Goad: Feminism Will Result in ‘the Restoration of the Patriarchy’

He seems nice.

Jim Goad of Taki’s Magazine (formerly the editor of the short-lived magazine Answer Me!) is crowing about the forthcoming implosion of feminism and, as he sees it, the restoration of the patriarchy. Continue reading “Jim Goad: Feminism Will Result in ‘the Restoration of the Patriarchy’”

Random Headlines — National Coming Out Day Edition

Equality Matters – Associated Press properly identifies the hate group representing Kim Davis.
The Huffington Post – Being LGBT in Southeast Asia: Stories of abuse, survival, and tremendous courage.
The Daily Beast – Tennessee apologizes to God for gay marriage.
Right Wing Watch – Theodore Shoebat says that homosexuality leads to cannibalism and that those who refuse to submit to Christianity should be killed.
The Electronic Intifada
– Are pro-Israel bullies on U.S. campuses planning dirtier tactics?
The Atlantic – A call to defend Muslims from armed protests.
Business Insider – The number of homicides of transgender people this year has reached ‘crisis’ levels.
Raw Story – Ben Carson says next Holocaust ‘can happen’ in U.S. because of gun control.
Think Progress – Fox News posts anti-Semitic screed blaming Jews for the Holocaust.

Heartiste Wonders Whether Mass Murderer Chris Harper-Mercer was an ‘Islamist Foot Soldier’

Chris Harper Mercer

White supremacist pickup guru Heartiste weighed in on the horrific massacre at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College last Monday, and helped spread the baseless rumor that the killer, 26-year-old Christopher Harper-Mercer, was a secret Muslim. He has precisely no evidence to draw this conclusion, but Heartiste nonetheless drew a connection between the stabbing of Alex Skarlatos — an Umpqua Community College student who helped thwart a terrorist attack on a French train — and the recent massacre. Continue reading “Heartiste Wonders Whether Mass Murderer Chris Harper-Mercer was an ‘Islamist Foot Soldier’”

Paul Elam: Family Courts are a ‘Fascist Place’ and Men’s Rightsers are like Abolitionists

Paul Elam

In a video posted to his YouTube channel, men’s rights leader Paul Elam made statements characterizing the American family court system as “fascist” in nature, and likened men’s rights to the flight against chattel slavery. The video, entitled “Paul Elam on Domestic Violence and Gynocentrism”, shows Elam giving a lecture at Ryerson University. After discussing the double standards surrounding domestic violence (some, like the presumption that men cannot be victims, were actually valid), Elam took questions from the audience. One audience member went into a tirade about domestic violence laws, feminism, and fascism. Continue reading “Paul Elam: Family Courts are a ‘Fascist Place’ and Men’s Rightsers are like Abolitionists”