Return of Kings Writer: ‘Satan’s Plan for the World’ is Spreading Feminism and Social Justice

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According to yet another incomprehensible article for the pick-up website Return of Kings, the concept of social justice is a “Satanic” religion being pushed by a handful of “fanatics.” RoK columnist Rick Moser claims that folks who believe in advancing social justice — a phrase most often associated with progressives and human rights activists — are “so extreme, so dangerous, and so far removed from reality that the entire Western world is at stake.” The reason for this sense of urgency? “The top priority for social justice,” he wrote, “is to destroy the authority of men.” Continue reading “Return of Kings Writer: ‘Satan’s Plan for the World’ is Spreading Feminism and Social Justice”

Random Headlines — 9/13/15

Trans Rights Matter

The Nation – A history of hate rock from Johnny Rebel to Dylann Roof.
Hatewatch – Liberty Counsel has a history of advising clients to defy the law.
Right Wing Watch – Mike Huckabee says gay marriage ruling is ‘illegal’ because it confuses people.
Think Progress – Rick Perry warned the GOP that they are being too racist.
Raw Story – Al Qaeda leader calls for lone wolf attacks in U.S. and urges militants to band together.
Salon – Glenn Beck’s terrifying new book is 300 pages of Islamophobia dressed up as scholarship.
Jezebel – University of Toronto under increased surveillance after commenter threatens to ‘spray bullets’ at feminists.
Truthout – Transphobia at the intersection of the military and prison industrial complexes.

Todd Starnes: ‘Perhaps One Day’ People Will Read Kim Davis’ ‘Letters from a Kentucky Jail’

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Yeah, totally like a homophobe who refuses to obey the law.

If you thought the far right’s accusations of anti-Christian persecution were deranged in the wake of the Rowan County marriage license debacle…well, they are. Yet thanks to Fox News’ Todd Starnes, they’ve really gone off the rails. Starnes, you see, believes that punishing a public official for refusing to do her job and ignoring a direct court order is tantamount to white racists siccing German Shepherds on black people. In an article published on the Fox News website — because it’s not really a news outlet as much as a propaganda machine for racists and religious zealots — Starnes wrote that Judge Bunning “wanted to intimidate Christians” and did so by “doing with the gavel what Bull Connor tried to do with dogs and fire hoses.” Continue reading “Todd Starnes: ‘Perhaps One Day’ People Will Read Kim Davis’ ‘Letters from a Kentucky Jail’”

Federal Judge to Anti-Gay Kentucky Clerk: Go Directly to Jail

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In a move that could spell the end of the saga of Kim Davis, a federal judge held the homophobic county clerk in contempt of court for defying an order to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Davis, a thrice-married thrice-divorced born-again Christian, refused to issue any marriage licenses in Rowan County because doing so would violate her conscience. When Judge David L. Bunning ordered Davis to do her job, she requested a stay on the ruling. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals denied Davis’ request, as did the Supreme Court. Still, Davis refused to comply, stating that her refusal was based on “God’s authority.” Judge Bunning, evidently fed up with Davis’ stalling and clear lack of respect for the rule of law, decided to punish Davis with some much needed jail time. Continue reading “Federal Judge to Anti-Gay Kentucky Clerk: Go Directly to Jail”