White Nationalist Website Lets Readers ‘Celebrate America’ With Confederate Flag Decals

VDARE.com — a white nationalist website founded by Peter Brimelow, and which features poisonous screeds by Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan — is currently begging for donations.

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Roosh Valizadeh: The ‘Degenerate Freaks On The Far Left’ Are Trying To ‘Shut Me Down’

Roosh Valizadeh is continuing his world tour, spreading his “philosophy” of neomasculinity to his audience of credulous fools, with his newest stop today in Montreal. Continue reading “Roosh Valizadeh: The ‘Degenerate Freaks On The Far Left’ Are Trying To ‘Shut Me Down’”

Reddit Finally Bans Coontown and Other Deeply Racist Subreddits

Anti-Klan Cartoon

Took ’em long enough. After several months of protest — and following the ouster of Reddit CEO Ellen Pao at the behest of a hateful online mob — Reddit’s new CEO Steve Huffman has taken action against horrifically racist subreddits such as /r/CoonTown. Continue reading “Reddit Finally Bans Coontown and Other Deeply Racist Subreddits”

Random Headlines — 8/04/15


VICE – The organization attacking Planned Parenthood is openly connected with violent radicals, and it has potentially violated federal and state laws.
Think Progress
– Republicans repeatedly voted to use aborted fetuses for scientific research.
Raw Story – Bryan Fischer says God let kids die in Sandy Hook massacre as punishment for ‘the blood of the unborn.’
The New York Times – Jeb Bush suggests ‘women’s health issues’ are overfunded.
Talking Points Memo – 2 men open fire on soldiers at Jade Helm training site in Mississippi.
Media Matters – GOP debate moderator Megyn Kelly has a long history of offensive, out-of-touch comments about minorities.
Mother Jones – Why is it so hard for wrongfully convicted women to get justice?
Salon – Harvard Lampoon tricks Donald Trump with phony endorsement — and he’s not happy about it.
The New Yorker – An interview with Darren Wilson, the man who shot Michael Brown.

Random Headlines — 8/03/15

Shiri Banki, Rest in Peace
Shira Banki, Rest in Peace

Slate – Shira Banki, a 16-year-old girl who was stabbed at Jerusalem’s gay pride parade, has died.
Raw Story – Woman goes on incomprehensible, racist rant after hearing Spanish at an IHOP.
Salon – The FBI built a database that can catch rapists — almost nobody uses it.
Feministing – We don’t need rich, white actresses’ comments on sex work.
Jezebel – New Ghostbusters cast visits children’s hospital and immediately attract trolls.
Media Matters – Conservative media pretend federal taxpayers foot the bill for abortions.
VICE – Shockingly, a porno featuring hijabis and niqabis is not very sensitive toward Islam.
Crooks & Liars – Why Ben Shapiro is such a twerp for inciting Zoey Tur.