Antidemocratic Blogger: ‘I Don’t Care About Black People’

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Another day, another racist blogger vents an opinion about race relations. The author of this blog post, a self-described “anti-democracy activist”, states plainly that he doesn’t “care about black people.”

The anonymous blogger tries to distinguish his feelings of apathy from feelings of overt hatred, writing that he rejects the notion that “one must either love something with all of one’s heart and be willing to work tirelessly for its benefit, or (clearly) one must hate it and wish to see it destroyed with maximum force.” Honestly it comes off as a distinction without a difference to me:

In light of both recent events and long-simmering racial issues in this country, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time for me to state my sincere and forthright position on race relations, specifically those involving the black population. So here it is: I don’t care about black people.

. . .

I don’t care about black people, which means by definition that I don’t hate them. In order to hate something or someone, you must care about them deeply. Hate is a serious, long-term emotional investment, and one must actually care very much about the object of one’s hatred in order to make it. As is often said, hate is not the opposite of love; indifference is. And I have come to be very indifferent about the fortunes of blacks.

I don’t care about black people. Their problems are not my problem. Their enemies are not my enemy. Their concerns are not my concern. I feel no need to understand them or their ways, and I don’t care whether or not they understand me or my ways. I wish them well – in fact, I know not a single white person, no matter how outwardly racist, who does not wish that blacks were doing better than they are, if for no other reason than that we must all live with the effects of their failures. I hope that the issues that seem to ceaselessly dog their community all get solved somehow. I have no desire to do them and theirs injury, except as punishment for injury done by them against me and mine. But I don’t care about them – there is nothing more I want from them other than to simply leave me alone, and in exchange, I will gladly leave them alone as well.

See? He “wish[es] them well”, so long as they remain far away from him, that is. Of course, lest you think he was truly motivated by racial hatred or feelings of white superiority, the blogger says that even if he wanted to help black people he simply wouldn’t know how to:

Lest one think that this is all motivated by sheer meanness and lack of charity, there is another reason for my lack of enthusiasm for the cause of helping black people. The truth is that I don’t know how to help them, and I don’t know anyone else who does. For at least fifty years (more like a hundred and fifty, really) whites have been trying to find a way to solve the problems of black people. We must now be realistic and admit that all of these attempts have failed miserably. Fifty years into the War on Poverty, drive around a black ghetto (if you dare) and note what you see. It is indeed certain to look like there has been a war there, but it is equally certain to not look like any victory over poverty has been won. What you’ll find there is the result of whites having tried everything they could possibly think of to uplift blacks, and of it all having either not worked at all or having actually made things worse. As evidenced by the wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, Americans are notoriously slow to understand that their plan hasn’t worked and to accept defeat, but at some point, reality asserts itself in a way that is undeniable.

So here is the undeniable reality: when it comes to whites trying to solve the problems of black people, none of our plans have worked, and we’re pretty much out of ideas. I, certainly, have nothing new to add on the issue – believe me, if I did, I would. I have no secret, sadistic desire to see blacks suffer, and I, too, must live with the results of their failures. But like everybody else, I don’t have any more solutions to offer.

Exactly. Whites have tried everything to help our black brethren. Whites enslaved them for their own betterment, even diagnosing blacks who fled slavery as mentally ill. Then, after they were freed, white people let them in onto their farms to once again tend the fields in exchange for a portion of the crop — which was totally not slavery in any way.

Hell, they even gave blacks their own water fountains! What else could they want? In fact, it’s white people — like this blogger — who are the real victims here.

After all, they have to hear all this incessant whining by black people about disproportionate arrest rates, mass incarceration, police brutality, environmental racism, hate crimes by white vigilantes, unequal education, and a complete lack of upward mobility in our capitalist society. Yes, white people have — as he puts it — a case of “negro fatigue”:

And I am not alone in my sense of resignation on this topic. Some are angrier than I am, and frequent, horrific reports of interracial crime – statistically almost all black on white – give them reason to be. Among many others, what has been termed “negro fatigue” has set in – an exasperated feeling of just being sick and tired of constantly hearing about blacks and their seemingly endless problems. Even on the left, which instinctively senses that the excuses and rationalizations for the failures of the black community (most especially its disproportionate rates of criminality) are wearing thin, the effects of this can be seen. One aspect of the establishment left’s recent push for gay rights is that they are quietly but visibly dumping blacks as their most favored oppressed minority in favor of gays. This is largely a simple matter of political practicality. When nice white ladies of the sort who often vote for Democrats turn on the TV and see large groups of feral blacks burning down Baltimore, it makes an impression. Doubtless so too have the nice white ladies’ own previous encounters with lower-class blacks. Say what you will about gays, but they are, as a group, not greatly given to torching senior centers or stealing purses. It makes their cause an easier sell.

I wonder how to solve this problem. Oh, I know, let’s try that Jim Crow thing again:

As for my own solutions to the state of race relations – which are bad, and getting worse – I have precious few. Voluntary separation based on freedom of association would seem a wise and humane way to handle things. But grown adults deciding for themselves who they want to be around is prohibited by federal law, and is harshly punished where discovered. Ethnonationalism, in which each race lives in its own territory, under its own system, and makes its own laws, which it is itself responsible for enforcing, also seems to be a decent and viable solution. But this will not happen without the breakup of the United States and/or a civil war, which, while inevitable, is not on the immediate horizon.

. . .

Thus, to black people, my message is simply this: Good luck, but don’t call me for help.

He ends his screed by pointing out that he also doesn’t care about “homosexuals, transgenders, Jews, Latinos, and all manner of exotic peoples in faraway countries.” He’s tired of “hearing about their problems” and is “done caring.” Count yourself lucky if your only problem is hearing about the plight of other, less fortunate, people.

This post, although dated July 15th, was recently shared by the white nationalist website American Renaissance — big shock, right? It’s blogroll also lists several Dark Enlightenment oriented websites including Alternative Right, Chateau HeartisteStares at the World (the personal blog of Davis Aurini), Taki’s MagazineThe Mad Monarchist, and Vox Popoli. Again, shocking.