What Kind of Person Believes #AllLivesMatter?

Ferguson Protest

Yesterday marked the somber one year anniversary of the murder of Mike Brown by Officer Darren Wilson. Since then there has been some progress in the national dialogue on racism, but very little in the way of stopping young black men and women from being killed by police officers or in police custody. Hundreds of unarmed black men and women have been slain since Brown’s fatal encounter with Wilson in the streets of Ferguson, MO last August, though in a handful of cases — including the deaths of Freddie Gray and Walter Scott — law enforcement has taken steps to hold their killers responsible. Still, this only means our society still has a long way to go, and antiracist and anti-police brutality movements such as the Black Lives Matter campaign are as relevant today as they were a year ago.

Not everyone gets that message, especially in white America, where racism is considered dead or dying and any black person can be as successful as their white brethren simply by pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. If anyone dare bring up evidence of structural racism, they’re often met with a bizarre defensiveness. “White lives matter, too!” might be one response. Or, perhaps, as Martin O’Malley said in response to BLM protesters, “Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.” These faux egalitarian responses are a way of shutting down debate on racism in America, and are premised on the idea that the slogan “black lives matter” implies that other lives don’t. On the contrary, it’s an affirmation that black lives matter even when society treats them as if they don’t.

So, seeing as though this phrase is picking up steam in certain circles, I took a look on social media to see who, exactly, embraced the #AllLivesMatter mantra. Here are some responses from Twitter, starting with “Cam Mosley”:

AllLivesMatter 1

Here’s “FemKnight”, an apparent Ted Cruz supporter:

AllLivesMatter 2

She doesn’t seem to include Mexican lives in this equation:

AllLivesMatter 3

AllLivesMatter 4

She even re-Tweeted this comment from Donald Trump:

AllLivesMatter 5

“Chris” wants the BLM crowd to stop “making martyrs out of criminals”:

AllLivesMatter 6

Here, “markodum” lectures black people about destroying their communities:

AllLivesMatter 7

Here’s what he has to say about President Obama:

AllLivesMatter 8

Another person asks why black people have to make race into such an issue:

AllLivesMatter 9

Travis Haynie wants black people to “stop making it about race” while insinuating that black people are more violent than whites:

AllLivesMatter 10

Someone who actually calls himself “The Overman” weighs in:

AllLivesMatter 11

And Jonathan Woodall knows who the real racists are:

AllLivesMatter 12

And here are some from Fox News’ Facebook page:

Fox News 1

Fox News 2

Fox News 3

Fox News 4

Fox News 5

Fox News 6

And it just goes on like that. Those are the folks who embrace #AllLivesMatter, entitled and/or racist white people who think black people just complain too much about racism and police brutality. Remember that when someone tells you the BLM movement is “racist.”