Roosh Valizadeh: The ‘Degenerate Freaks On The Far Left’ Are Trying To ‘Shut Me Down’

Roosh Valizadeh is continuing his world tour, spreading his “philosophy” of neomasculinity to his audience of credulous fools, with his newest stop today in Montreal.

In spite of an online petition demanding he be prevented from entering Canada, which had garnered significant media attention and, as of this writing, over 36,000 signatures, it looks like he’ll be able to follow through with his lectures.

Two days ago, however, Roosh uploaded a video to his YouTube account called “Battle of Montreal – I need your help.” A visibly angry Roosh launched into a tirade about having to face “resistance and censorship efforts” on the part of “the degenerate freaks on the far left” who seem hellbent on stopping him.

If you’ve been following my world tour, you already know I did a stop in Germany, I did a stop in England, and two stops in the U.S., and I didn’t have any problems concerning holding these events. But the second I want to do two events in Canada — in Montreal and Toronto — I am facing a whole bunch of resistance and censorship efforts from the degenerate freaks on the far left, the militant left, and they are trying really hard to shut me down and prevent me from even entering the country of Canada. I knew there was gonna be some issues when a couple weeks ago there was a petition stating that I must not be allowed entry into Canada, and they actually are calling the Canada Border Patrol to prevent me from entering. And as of right now 12,000 people have signed that.

In response to the petition and a planned protest by these left-wing “freaks”, Roosh announced an ill-conceived plan to shut down his critics — dubbed Operation Medusa — which, among other things, consisted of him siccing his followers on their Facebook groups in order to “infiltrate” and destroy them.

So, to help out, I need you. I can’t do this alone, there’s a lot of them that are organizing. They have the support from the state-owned media — CBC — which is allowing these, basically children with word salad talking points, a huge platform to share their hatred against me. There’s also the Journal of Montreal, which is using their platform to actively work with and coordinate the people. In fact, a journalist with that Journal of Montreal, she doxed where the venue is. How did she find that out? Well she found it out from the social justice activists.

So what I have done is come up with a counterattack, and this counterattack is called Operation Medusa for reasons that you can, can guess. The link to it is below. There are five points that I wanna hit. Each point involves a different level of time that you can pick. See how you can help out, ’cause to…I, I can’t do this alone. I need help and you know me, I don’t ask for help often, but I definitely need it this time, ’cause there’s a lot of them, they have the media on their side, and it’s just me here.

Roosh is currently crowing about the Operation’s success, despite the fact that the Demonstration Against Rape Culture is still scheduled to go forward. Roosh also retaliated by posting nude photos of one of the protest organizers, Aurelie Nix, whom he said he “would bang” so long as she were face down, didn’t speak, and he got “the whole thing live on video from start to end with a direct feed to the local police” to prevent a false rape accusation.

These disgusting, quasi-threatening remarks were brought to the attention of Canadian authorities, prompting the publication of an article for Roosh’s Return of Kings website labeling her a liar who was trying to “calculatedly defame” Roosh.

Though how much can one really defame a man who advocates legalizing rape on private property and admitted to, on at least one occasion, having slept with a girl too drunk to consent which, in his words, “would have been rape” had it occurred in America?