Alex Jones: LGBT Rights Are Part Of A Plot To Exterminate The Human Race

Far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones — known for ranting about the New World Order, black helicopters, and false flag operations — briefly ranted about LGBT rights on a Sunday broadcast of his eponymous radio show.

Jones assured his listeners that he’s a staunch “libertarian” who doesn’t “get into what you do in the bedroom” and views marriage equality as “a football issue” and “not a federal issue.” Yet Jones wasted no time connecting the “distraction” of LGBT rights to a plot to transform human beings into “asexual humanoids” before exterminating humankind once and for all.

“Now, the truth is, there is a move at the UN, there is a move to sexualize children,” the blustery Austin, TX radio host said, recycling the bogus connection between homosexuality and pedophilia. “[Media mogul] Sumner Redstone has said that. And it’s nobody’s business to be trying to target children with Heather Has Two Mommies, or you can’t say ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ to somebody who may not identify as that.” That, Jones insisted, is “space cult, suicide cult, exterminism [sic] craziness.”

Now, let’s move on to the gay marriage thing. I’m a libertarian, and if you’re a real listener and not somebody with a script, you would know not hundreds but thousands of times — if you listened to my show the first eighteen years I haven’t even covered this — I don’t get into what you do in the bedroom. I am not in people’s bedrooms, I am not a pharisee, I’m not a hypocrite. My world does not revolve around sex, either. And so, I’m sick of it. It’s a football issue, it’s not a federal issue. It’s a distraction to be passed back and forth.

Now, the truth is there is a move at the UN, there is a move to sexualize children. Sumner Redstone has said that. And it’s nobody’s business to be trying to target children with Heather Has Two Mommies, or you can’t say ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ to somebody who may not identify as that. That is space cult, suicide cult, exterminism [sic] craziness.

The eugenics transhumanist cult wants to confuse the general species ahead of rendering us down and removing us. The decision has been made. Cheer up. The post-human era is dawning. The plan is an asexual humanoid even if they decide to keep us around, stated in hundreds of textbooks.

Toward the end of the episode, Jones receives a call from a Marine and Christian fundamentalist who denounces homosexuality — which he compares to alcoholism — as a form of spiritual “bondage.” Although Jones noted that he had no desire to condemn all gays or lesbians, he nonetheless agreed with the caller that homosexuality is a “very destructive lifestyle on average.”

Jones: Felix in Hollywood, thanks for holding, you’re on the air.

Caller: Hey, thank you my fellow American. Um, when I was 8-years-old, I (inaudible) as a child, became a Christian. I’m your age, I grew up in the same world that you grew up in. And, um, you know, I tried, uh…I’ve been fighting right alongside you the whole time. Literally step-for-step, I went a different path, went to the Marine Corps. But anyway, the bottom line is the world that we grew up in is gone, and it frustrates me ’cause I wanna battle this and try to find an end in it. And the one thing that Jesus reminded me of just before I called was, ‘You have victory in me.’ And…

Jones: No, no, I totally get it. If we make ourselves good, and if we do the right thing, for example, that’s where the war is won.

Caller: What I’m sayin’ is we’re seeing bondage becoming named as a right, an inalienable right. Homosexuality is bondage. Sin is bondage. Drinking too much is bondage. You know what I’m sayin’? Um…

Jones: I agree, it’s a very destructive lifestyle on average. I don’t hatefully say people are bad, but I do defend people’s right to say it’s bad. My point is, is that they hijack that movement then bring in a whole nother [sic] movement. That is truly evil.