Random Headlines — 8/01/15

Vietnam Protest

The New York Times – Ultra-Orthodox Israeli stabs 6 at a gay pride parade for a second time, police say.
SFGate – Boy Scouts of America to allow gay adult leaders.
Huffington Post – Mike Huckabee won’t rule out using federal troops to stop abortions.
Raw Story – Rep. Steve King thinks people will now marry lawnmowers since same-sex marriage is legal.
Think Progress – 18-month-old baby burned alive in reported fire bomb attack by right-wing radicals.
We Hunted the Mammoth – A Voice for Men fired its news director for refusing to defend Bill Cosby.
Wonkette – Anti-abortion group Live Action compares Sarah Silverman to Hitler for defending Planned Parenthood.

Men’s Rights Redditors Are Tired of Masculinity Being ‘Femsplained’ to Them

Angry White Man

Part of what makes the Men’s Rights crowd so amusing — aside from the endless whining over increasingly petty issues like, say, toilet paper commercials — is their constant need to appropriate terms and slogans associated with feminism, civil rights, and the Social Justice Warriors they claim to hate so much. Continue reading “Men’s Rights Redditors Are Tired of Masculinity Being ‘Femsplained’ to Them”

Random Headlines – Taking a Short Break


For a week or so I’ll be taking a break from making any posts here due to some personal issues. I’ll be back at the beginning of August, but until then here are some more links to tide you over. Or not. I dunno.

Politico – Republicans plan new abortion push.
Media Matters – Media calls out deceptively edited video claiming to show Planned Parenthood ‘selling aborted baby parts.’
AlterNet – How a bizarre conspiracy about a military takeover of the southwest grew wildly out of control.
Talking Points Memo – The violent, vile Facebook rants of the ‘Counter Jade Helm’ leader.
We Are Respectable Negroes – Donald Trump, Dylann Roof, and the hate that right-wing Fox News hate media produced.
Jezebel – It’s the 167th anniversary of Seneca Falls.
We Hunted the Mammoth – MRA Janet Bloomfield starts a fundraiser for a crossbow in order to ‘shoot feminists in the face.’
The Atlantic – Franklin Graham’s turn toward intolerance.
The Root – The officer who shot unarmed Jonathan Ferrell is about to go on trial. Here are five things you should know.
Raw Story – Georgia trans*woman inmate raped again in midst of lawsuit for safer housing.

Random Headlines — 7/18/15


Washington Post – The Duggars’ TLC reality show ’19 Kids and Counting’ is officially cancelled.
Think Progress – No, Planned Parenthood isn’t selling ‘aborted baby parts.’
Mashable – What we know about Chattanooga shooter Muhammad Abdulazeez.
Media Matters – Conservative media erroneously attribute military base gun policy to Clinton administration.
Raw Story – Klan and black groups expected to go head to head at protests at South Carolina state capital.
NJ.com – Despite complaint, sale of Nazi items is legal at N.J. flea market.
Feministing – New study finds that one in ten male college students have committed rape.

Pickup Artist ‘Heartiste’: Jeb Bush is a ‘Beta Male’ Who Settled for a ‘Squat Inca’

Vote for Fuckface Von Clownstick, the true Alpha Male!
Vote for Fuckface Von Clownstick, the true Alpha Male!

Over at the blog Chateau Heartiste, pickup artist and white supremacist Heartiste (whose real name is James Weidmann) voiced his opinion on the forthcoming presidential election. Continue reading “Pickup Artist ‘Heartiste’: Jeb Bush is a ‘Beta Male’ Who Settled for a ‘Squat Inca’”

The ‘Sarkeesian Effect’ Fallout Continues in an Interview Between Davis Aurini and Matt Forney

Davis Aurini
Davis Aurini: A scowling Anton LaVey knock-off, seen here without his human skull collection.

If you’re not up to date on the messy details of the ongoing fight between Davis Aurini and Jordan Owen — co-creators of the forthcoming pro-Gamergate documentary The Sarkeesian Effect — you can read up on it over at We Hunted the Mammoth. Continue reading “The ‘Sarkeesian Effect’ Fallout Continues in an Interview Between Davis Aurini and Matt Forney”

Random Headlines — 7/15/15


Washington Post – Undercover video shows Planned Parenthood official discussing fetal organs used for research.
Media Matters – How the video attacking Planned Parenthood was deceptively edited.
Think Progress – Reddit isn’t backing down on anti-harassment policy.
NJ.com – Teenage girl sues for the right to register for the draft.
Raw Story – Birther lawyer/dentist Orly Taitz has latest round of lawsuits against Obama smacked down by Texas judge.
Truthdig – Anti-Semitic attacks in France have climbed 84% in 2015, watchdog group finds.
The Atlantic – Gay marriage and the future of evangelical colleges.